Review of my 3 favorite backpacking water filters

backpacking water

Backpacking is very fun especially when you have all the right apparel within your reach. When it comes to water we could say that it is the most important thing to have, after all we might live without food, however we cannot last long without clean water to drink. Thinking of that we have gathered easy to read and straight to the point reviews of the best 3 water filters for backpacking. You will never have to deal with diseases or even lack of water, and do not worry! We have reviewed portable water filters that are easy to carry around.

Lifesaver bottle.

Have you ever imagined that this small yet sufficient bottle would be able to provide clean water for the whole world? Well, for only $150 dollars any backpacker will never have to worry about not having enough clean water to drink. All backpackers should have one of these available, after all sometimes they will need water and will not have any clean options available. This bottle comes with replaceable parts, a strong filter and a cord for carrying. The filter is so good that even viruses are caught! There is no need to use chlorine or even iodine to clean the water, the filter is plenty already. Users simply add water, shake and the magic is done!visit the official website for more information and updates.


Definitely the most beautiful and lightest water cleaning of the universe. With a beautiful design that is able to impress even the most exigent, this stainless steel bottle is ready to accompany you on a daily basis. Perfect for camping and going to work, this water filter does not require any shaking, mixing or anything: just put the water inside and drink it, simple as that. In fact users will fill in the bottom unite and then press the upper chamber. This will put pressure into the water that will go through the filter. The best thing about it is its affordable price, only $70 dollars each.

backpacking water

MSR Miniworks

Another very practical and stylish bottle that does not weight much and does a perfect job when it comes to cleaning water thoroughly. This item contains a ceramic filter that does the whole trick fast. This is the water filter used by the US troops, which means people can indeed trust it. It is possible to clean the whole thing and change the parts when time comes. The average price is also very good, especially for those who would like to save money in the whole process. It is possible to put your hands on this item for only $85 dollars.

The bottom line.

There are several different water filters available on the market today that offer good services for very affordable prices. If you would like to have fun out camping or simply have some clear water at work then you should definitely invest some money in these bottles that can clean water. In case you would like to read more on the subject we strongly suggest you read the following site at

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