Watersport Adventures With Your Children in Bali

Every kid is intrigued and excited by water sports. Children wait a whole year for their summer vacations only to enjoy the water activities and games. All around the world folks wait for summer to indulge in water sport and activities.

These activities apart from being fun are beneficial for your child’s mental and physical growth. It helps them in improving their self-esteem as well as their confidence. Children who often indulge in water sports, camping, fishing et cetera are known to be physically and mentally fit than the other kids. Moreover, they are closer to nature as compared to other children who spend their time in front of a TV or a computer.

Watersport Adventures With Your Children in Bali
Watersport Adventures With Your Children in Bali

Since kids are ignorant of their safety in most cases, it is parent’s job to keep them safe in all conditions. Water sports can get a little dangerous at the time, for that reason; get a child safety swimming gear. The parts of swimming gear you should definitely invest in are:

  • Floatation gear:

If your child is little, you should invest in floatation suits. These suits are for children who are stepping into the swimming pool for the first but they can be a great safety gear for your child during water sports.

Some kids make a fuss while wearing floatation suits; you can get armbands or swim vests for them. These not only protect your child from drowning but also help them in swimming properly.

If you are confident about your child’s swimming skill but still want a safety gear, wrist alarm is the thing for you, it sets off if your child falls into the water or stays underwater for a longer time.

  • Swim shoes:

Swimming shoes are a very good investment for your children as well as for yourself. They protect your feet from any kind of injuries and insect bites in the water as well as they prevent you and your child from slipping on wet surfaces.

  • Rashguard:

When sun combines with the salts and chemicals in the water, it can cause an aggressive rash on your child’s skin especially if he/she has sensitive skin. Rash guard’s primary purpose is to prevent that. It goes over your child’s body and swimsuit to protect your child’s skin.

Sports adventures in Bali

Bali is known for its sports adventures around the world. Several startups and companies provide you with guides and sports adventure equipment to make your trip worth remembering. Some of the most famous activities are:

Banana boat ride:

This seems a little foolish but is a very exciting sports activity. All of your family can fit on a single canoe-shaped as a banana along with a guide. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory in this activity as falling into the water while using this banana boat is nothing new. It is completely safe yet exciting for children and adults alike.


Parasailing is one of the most popular water sports around the worlds. In Bali, you can opt for either of the two kinds of parasailing. You can go alone for a ride or with one or two other members of your family. If your kids are small, it is advised you take them along with you on a parasailing ride. Individuals who have availed this opportunity have reviewed that the view from above is breathtaking and the experience is mesmerizing.

Jet Ski:

Every child dreams of hovering over the ocean is something. Letting your child ride or drive a jet ski in Bali can aid to fulfill this dream. It could be once in a lifetime opportunity for your child and you. If your child wants to go on a Jet Ski ride, he goes with an instructor who sits behind your child to give him the best experience.

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