The best rebreather and SCUBA cave dive ever

scuba diver

Scuba Equipment Outdoors Adventure If you love to dive then you definitely prefer to stay underwater for as long as possible, after all you do not get to dive every single day. Every single diver should know that investing in a high quality rebreather is simply a need and not luxury as some may think.

Review of my 3 favorite backpacking water filters

backpacking water

Backpacking is very fun especially when you have all the right apparel within your reach. When it comes to water we could say that it is the most important thing to have, after all we might live without food, however we cannot last long without clean water to drink. Thinking of that we have gathered

How long would it take to bike across the US?

bike across the US

Have you ever imagined or even dreamed of crossing the United States of America while riding a bike? Well, many people have always wanted to do this and thankfully many have already accomplished it. If you have a good bike and lots of energy then crossing the whole country can be done without any problems.