Survival Gear You Should Take Along On Any Adventure

It is always good to stock up on the right things when you are heading out on a grand adventure. Many adventures like scuba diving, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hunting and skiing can be quite dangerous and the right gear can mean the difference between life and death if you get into the wrong type of situation.  The right gear also makes it much easier for you to enjoy adventures and will keep you safe and healthy on these often dangerous types of trips.  Survival gear is the best type of gear to take along when you are taking on a fun, dangerous or challenging adventure.  Survival gear is designed to be durable, strong, tough, functional, and lightweight and to give you multiple uses for the same device. Here are the best survival tools you need to take along on any type of adventure.

Survival Gear You Should Take Along On Any Adventure
Survival Gear You Should Take Along On Any Adventure

Survival knife

A good survival knife has many great uses.  You can use a survival knife for so many different tasks when you are out there having an adventure.  These knives can make it easier for you to get around, to get rid of dangerous creditors around camp, to cut and chop things, to eat and prepare foods and have saved many lives over the years when people were trapped in a tight situation.  On you can check out the best knife for survival so you can be safer on your wild adventures and so you can get all of those odd jobs done a lot easier and quicker.

Mag light

This is one of the best types of flashlights to own and to take along on your adventures.  Mag lights are incredibly durable and strong.  They should be able to handle any type of situation you encounter and will still work fine even when they are dropped from heights.  Those big mag lights are also great for self-defense if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Water bottle

A water bottle is the ultimate must-have for any situation and adventure.  Staying hydrated is important for your health and water can also help you out in a great variety of situations such as those times when you dropped your snack and want to wash it off.


Of course you need to take along a lighter if you go on an adventure.  A barbecue or small grill on your trip is the basis of having a great adventure.  A lighter is one of the top survival items to have with you and it is a handy item for any adventure.

Harness clip

A harness clip is great for latching anything you need to carry your backpack or pants.  This piece of survival gear makes it easier to get around with your gear as you travel and have fun.


A rope is always handy whether you are trying to survive a rough mountain or simply want to tie some things onto your roof rack.  Just be sure to also learn to tie different knots before you go out on your adventure.

Simple Big pen

This may seem like a silly tool but it is actually a very handy type of pen.  Use your big pen for writing or use the outside as a straw for sucking up water without disturbing the ground or as a drink stirrer.  You can even use these pens for self-defense and stab your attacker in the eye if the situation calls for it.

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