Get Ready for an Off-Road Adventure

For all the thrill seekers out there, off-roading is an amazing way to see the countryside. While this is a pastime that is distinctly American, it doesn’t always have to be an America only adventure. But, wherever you choose to take your four-wheeling excitement, one thing is certain, it will be a memorable experience.

For instance, you could decide to take a Cozumel private jeep tour. And, when you book with the company attached to that link, you will be offered a private tour in which you can choose to be the driver, or have an experienced guide take you. On top of that, you can actually plan out your own itinerary and rest assured that they won’t pack the jeep with people you don’t know. When they say private, they mean just you and your party. And it will be a party, trust us!

Of course, if you choose to stay in the States for your off-roading trip, you might be wondering where the best places to visit are. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list just for your adventurous spirit.

Get Ready for an Off-Road Adventure
Get Ready for an Off-Road Adventure

Best Places in the US to go Off-Roading

If you love the dust and mud, you are going to really appreciate this list of the best places in the US to go off-roading. Most of these will be gravel and dirt based, but if you end up there during a rainy season you can enjoy all the mud you want. So, without further ado, be sure to add these places to your bucket list or to your plans for your next family vacation:

  • Mojave Road- This road runs between Newberry Springs, California and Bullhead City, Arizona. It is a 140 mile trail that will fill your mind with amazing historic landmarks. But, make sure you keep an eye out for snakes whenever you venture outside your 4×4. You will have access to the Colorado River, Soda Lake, Joshua Tree Forest, and Rock Spring while riding this trail which has been traveled by European colonizers, Spanish explorers, and the army. Just be sure to bring a lot of water with you. It’s hot out there. Learn more.
  • White Rim Trail- We suggest you prepare for a two day adventure on this 100 mile trial. It is located in Canyonlands National Park. You can camp there, but these sites get full quickly so book early. Technically you can mountain bike through this area too, but you would have to be really ambitious to do so. Make sure you take time to appreciate the Indian ruins, Utah’s towers, sandstone arches, and the views of the Green and Colorado rivers.
  • Washington Backcountry Discovery Route- This is a longer trip. We suggest you plan for about a week long experience. And, don’t negate the fact that there are some steep grades and no guardrails. The terrain is really diverse and you will enjoy both the desert of East Washington and the Cascade Mountains’ rainforest. Read this.
  • Whipsaw Trail- Located in British Columbia, which is actually not within the US, this trail is 50 miles long. Though it is a rather short adventure that can be done in under 12 hours, we suggest you take your time; there is plenty to see. Enjoy the alpine lakes and meadows. Locking differentials and other supplies for higher elevations are a good idea even though it doesn’t seem that steep.

Now that you have some ideas for your next off-roading adventure, our last bit of advice is: don’t forget your camera! Here are some great options.

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