Fishing Gear That Will Make Fishing a Greater Adventure

Fishing trips aren’t very adventurous if nothing bites.  And it isn’t much of an adventure if you only get small catches either.  There are no glorious photos to share, nothing to grill by the camp side and no fantastic tale to tell.  A fishing trip without a good catch is like campfires without marshmallows.  It’s good but it’s nothing special.  The right fishing gear can help you transform your fishing trips from dull into exhilarating and will make any trip worth the effort.

Get a fish finder

A fish finder will greatly improve your chances of getting that dream catch on all of your trips.  Fish finders function by sending electrical impulses that is converted into sound waves into the water towards the bottom of a river or lake.  When these impulses reach something underneath the water, it signals back the size and shape of the object which gives you a good idea whether it is a fish or not.  You can use your fish finder to locate areas of a dam or lake that is rich in large fish so you can fish more successfully in less time.

Fishing Gear That Will Make Fishing a Greater Adventure

Fish from a kayak or paddle board

Fishing from the side of a lake is still a lot better than sitting in front of the TV but can get really dull really quick.  If you want to have more of an adventure during your trip then you should get an inflatable kayak or paddle board for your fishing trips.  With a kayak you can paddle your way to anywhere in the dam or even down river and have a blast with glorious scenery and fishing.

Remember the waterproof camera

The down side of fishing is that no one will ever believe that you caught that mega sized catch unless you have a photo to prove it.  With a waterproof camera you can be completely flexible, you still get a break from technology and you can capture that once in a lifetime catch on photo.

Stock your tackle box with fun bait

Fun bait can make your fishing trips a lot more interesting.  It is always great fun to see what type of bait fishes are mostly attracted to and you can try new bait every time things get too quiet.  Stock up your tackle box with great variety of artificial baits and have a blast at testing them.

Give night fishing a try

Night fishing is definitely the next big challenge for an ultimate fishing adventure.  Before you go night fishing you will need a good torch or head lamp, some glow in the dark bait, glowing floats and a good spotlight.  There is a lot of gear on the market that makes night fishing popular and great fun.

New gear is always an adventure

Something new like a new tackle box, a new fishing rod or a nice cooler box is always great to improve the quality of your fishing trips and to get you in the mood for the trips.  You can search here for some of the best fishing gear currently on the market and replace your old fishing gear for something new and exciting.

Get Your Home Cleaned Properly Before Going on Long Adventure

An adventure like a nice and long holiday is the perfect way to cleanse your thoughts so you can once again focus and be calm when you return.  But one of the hardest parts of going on an adventure is coming back to your home, especially if your home is dusty and smelly from being empty the whole time and messy from all the packing you did just before leaving.  Saying farewell to your amazing holiday adventure would be much easier if you could come home to a clean and tidy home so get your phone out and start making some home cleaning arrangements the day before you go so your home will be a welcome sight when you return.

Get Your Home Cleaned Properly Before Going on Long Adventure

Hire a carpet cleaning company

Deep cleaning your home just before a big adventure is an absolute must because you know you won’t be coming back to problems such as asthma or a stuffy nose due to dust and dust mites.  Plus your home will look and feel much more vibrant because everything looks much newer when they are freshly cleaned.  The top things you need to get cleaned by a cleaning company include;

Clean the carpets and rugs – Dust mites, dust and dirt get captured in rugs and carpets and cause allergies, asthma and terrible skin conditions or even bite marks on your family.  A good carpet cleaning company will clean out any dirt as well as microorganisms living in the fibers of your carpets and rugs so you can be healthier.  Your home will also smell terrific and look terrific when the carpets are nice and clean.

Clean your upholstery and beds – Most carpet cleaning companies can also clean your upholstery and perhaps even your mattresses while they are doing your carpets so you can control germs in these areas as well.

Remove pet urine odor – The carpet cleaning companies have the right chemicals and cleaning products to remove pet odor or stains out of carpets, upholstery, mattresses and more so your pet will be less likely to make a mess again.

Clean your tiles properly – Germs can hide away in the grout of your tiles and your home will look a lot more pleasant if your tiles are properly cleaned.

You can find out more here about one of the best carpet cleaning services in Sunshine Coast area.

Hire a cleaning lady for the day

Packing can cause a lot of mess in your home and you probably won’t have time to put everything where they belong again.  Try to hire a cleaning lady or perhaps even a home cleaning service for the day you are leaving so she can tidy your home as you go about your packing.  She can put everything back in their place, wash your windows for you, clean the kitchen, scrub the oven and microwave oven, scrub your showers and toilets and do your laundry.  You can also get a cleaning lady to do the linen of your home so you can come home to a fragranced and clean bed after your tiring adventure.

The top adventure destinations in the world

Some of us prefer an adventurous getaway that gives us loads of thrills in comparison to countless museum and architectural visits. Luckily the world is full of adventurous locations that will keep everyone entertained and that caters for those individuals that enjoy a rush of adrenaline. If white water rafting or climbing a mountain is your choice you will definitely be interested in this list. Take a look at some of the most breathtaking locations in the world.

The top adventure destinations in the world

The steepest peek on earth, Mount Thor, Canada

Based in a remote area this mountain is not the world’s tallest but it is the steepest. At 105 degrees all avid mountain climbers around the world want to add this beauty to their bucket list. If the climb is a bit too steep for you, you can always camp at the site and enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural surroundings.

Coldest place on earth, Oymyakon, Russia

This location is definitely for the ones that can brave the cold. This is the coldest inhabited place on earth and with temperatures dropping below -58 degrees F you need to pack heavy and dress up like an Eskimo. The town holds beauty with ice everywhere and is definitely something you will not see every day.

The closest place to outer space, Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador

This is about as close to space as you can get without getting propelled in a rocket. It is an inactive volcano that stands over 20,000 feet high that will bring you as close to the heavens as you can get. There are several routes for climbers and the entire peak is covered in icicles. Take a look at this magnificent beauty here.

NB: Just a point to remember before we continue it is important to abide by the laws in every location that you visit in order to avoid being convicted of a crime. In our country we have some fantastic criminal defense attorneys like Torrance CA defense lawyer if you do run into a spot of trouble but you might not be so lucky in any other countries that you are visiting. Be respectful and avoid being reprimanded.

The hottest place on earth, Lut Desert, Iran

If you aren’t up for the coldest place why not visit the hottest place on earth. Temperatures at this location soar up to 158 degrees F and will allow you to boil an egg with the sun. Note that you might actually melt here so prepare well for this trip.

Most isolated place on earth, Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom

An island that is 1750 miles away from Cape Town, South Africa and is only accessible by sea. It is known to be the most isolated place in the world and has a very small population. Be sure to pack just about anything you need when visiting because you don’t know if you can find it on the island.

Outdoor Adventures for People with Quadriplegia

Quadriplegics are in a rough position. They are severely limited in their mobility options and thereby spend a good deal of time indoors. The desire to explore the beauty of God’s creation probably confounds them as the opportunities seem supremely restricted. However, there are outdoor adventures for people with quadriplegia.

The new advancements that we will be discussing in this article should be a thrilling refresher for those who love people suffering from quadriplegia. However, considering the breathing pacemaker located on this site: is highly advisable prior to taking on some of the adventures that follow. Ensuring your loved one can breathe properly will be essential to success on these exploits.

Outdoor Adventures for People with Quadriplegia

Great Adventures for Quadriplegics

At the University of Utah, undergraduate students are working to provide access to amazing escapades for quadriplegics. They have been collaborating to create new equipment for outdoor recreation. The University’s rehab physicians have partnered with the Department of Mechanical Engineering there.

Their goal, according to those participating in the experiment, is to focus on the people that are most difficult to get into the sphere of physical activity. They want everyone to have the joy of outdoor explorations.

Craig Nielsen Foundation

They have been heavily backed by funding from the Craig Nielsen Foundation. Mr. Nielsen is a casino executive who became a quadriplegic in 1985 due to a car accident. In 2002 he started the foundation in hopes of supporting spinal cord injury rehabilitation and research. You can learn more about his foundation by clicking this.

Hand Bike

One of the University’s creations includes a hand bike with a U design. It allows the seat to adjust upwards so that those who use it can more readily get back into their wheelchairs. There are additional advantages to the bike including a braking system located in a chest piece, and electronically controlled gear shifts near the elbows. There is also the ability to apply 300 percent more torque due to a power assisting hub that measures the initial torque applied.


They have also designed a kayak. No doubt the idea may seem pretty far-fetched since being able to paddle a kayak would be impossible for a quadriplegic. However, according to the designers, those who can move their mouths and heads a little will be able to sail and kayak with the invention. In the summer of 2013, real quadriplegics were given the opportunity to try out the equipment. They sailed it in a reservoir near Salt Lake City. It was quite an experience for all involved.

One man, who had never been on the water in his life was able to sail the device. He utilized a tube to sip or blow in order to steer the boat. No doubt that was a chance of a lifetime and one he will not soon forget.

Other Options

Here are some additional outdoor options for people with quadriplegia:

  • Hydro Cycle– There is some great aquatherapy and cardiovascular assistance here. It is a recumbent chair that works with the water jets in a therapy tub. Muscles get toned and time in the water is enjoyed. Read all about various exercises here.
  • Paragliding– These pieces of adventure equipment are still in the works. But, the idea is that with these designs, everyone will be able to paraglide. The thrill is real. Click this to learn more about paragliding with a spinal cord injury.

Quadriplegia doesn’t have to keep you indoors. Try some of these ventures!

Great Outdoor Sports for Spring and Summer

Spring and summer weather can be excellent for practicing sports outdoors.  Whether you prefer to work out on your own, with your family, or with an organized team, there are a wide range of options to help you stay physically fit during the warmer weather.  If you are considering practicing a sport outside, here are some excellent options.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball is often considered America’s favorite pastime, and softball is a popular option amongst children and adults alike.  Sunny spring and summer weather is often considered ideal for either sport, and is a great way to spend time socializing with a team or working out with your family.  Luckily, baseball and softball do not require a lot of equipment in order to be enjoyed.

Baseballs and softballs are readily available at sporting goods stores as well as mass merchandisers when it is in season.  They can also be found online almost any time of year.  Quality bats, such as the on in this Demarini Vexxum review, are also readily accessible throughout the season, and can be found in different sizes and weights to suit the batter.

Great Outdoor Sports for Spring and Summer

Many communities offer league options for children of all ages.  Some even have leagues for adults who just want to get together and have fun while staying active.  In some cases, corporations and business may have friendly competitive leagues where employees of one business play against the employees of another.

Soccer and Volleyball

If you are looking for a sport that requires minimal equipment, soccer and volleyball can be played with just a ball and an appropriate space.  Soccer can be played on almost any open field, and you can use items like cones to simulate the location of the goals.  Outdoor volleyball only requires a court with a net, and sand volleyball can be popular at many beach locations.  Both can be physically demanding or more relaxed, depending on the attitudes and goals of the players, and can often be played in any clothes that are easy to move in.

Since soccer has gained popularity across many areas, youth leagues are more prevalent than they once were.  Volleyball options may be more limited, but setting up pickup games with friends and family can be a fun alternative to a more formal arrangement.

Water Sports

Rising temperatures make pool-based sports particularly appealing.  This can include basics like competitive swimming, to more coordinated games like water polo.  Some swimming pools may even host games that are not traditionally water-based sports, like volleyball and basketball, allowing people to play games they enjoy while staying cool in the pool.

Touch or Flag Football

If you want to play football without the risk of injury associated with tackle football, touch or tag football can be an enjoyable alternative.  This allows players to use the same skills for passing the ball as they would in a regular game, and enjoy time running through a suitable field.  Otherwise, the amount of equipment required is limited.  For touch football, you only need a ball, comfortable clothes, and a way to mark the goal line.  If you prefer flag football, you can either find a set of football flag belts, or simply use pieces of fabric, like bandanas, to work as flags.

Top things to do in New York on a budget

Touring in New York can end up costing an arm and leg right? Wrong, it depends where you go. There are various things you can do in New York that will keep you in your budget and also leave you with more money to spend on souvenirs and postcards. Overpaying on cover charge and entrance fees isn’t for everyone and if you are like me, looking for the best bang for the buck experience, you might want to check out these awesome tips on where to go in New York on a budget. These are just a few gems that won’t cost you a thing to discover. It is said that to experience the real New York stay off the touristy path and go as local as you possibly can. Speak to New Yorkers and gain more knowledge about the city.

Top things to do in New York on a budget

Central Park

One of the city’s most popular landmarks, Central Park is free to visit and will provide you with a natural feeling of being New Yorker for a day. The park is beautifully maintained and constantly filled with tourists and locals. You can people watch for hours and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the park. There are free events and shows in the park all the time and it will make your holiday a great experience. Read about the interesting history of this popular park.

Chelsea Galleries

If you enjoy art and would possibly like to explore some new artists ‘work you might want to make time to visit the Chelsea Galleries. All the art galleries in the area are free to visit and you might even be lucky enough to make it for a cheese and wine tasting on a Thursday.

City Hall

An interesting and historical visit to City Hall will allow you to take a tour of City Hall and see where the government operates and also take a look at the Governor’s office. It is beautiful and the ancient architecture will leave you amazed. It is a free excursion to take part in.

Interior design and architecture

New York has some of the most beautiful buildings and interior design on display in the world. Home to Juan Pablo Molyneux, one of the most esteemed interior designers in the world you will be able to admire architecture and design first hand in some of the most beautiful hotels, building, restaurants and other buildings.

New York Public Library

Visiting New York’s most famous library for the first time will surely take your breath away. The building celebrated its hundredth birthday in 2011 and holds so much history. The lion statues in front of the building are cleverly named Patience and Fortitude. With a reading room that is fit for 500 patrons you will be completely overwhelmed by the nostalgia offered by this landmark. The library also houses the original Declaration of Independence which will be amazing to see. Click here to read more about the history of this historical building.

Adventure Dates for 40 Somethings

Just because you have hit the big 40 or even surpassed it, that doesn’t mean your days of grand adventure are over. You and your spouse can still plan extremely active and energizing dates that are sure to thrill you to your cores. Planning an adventure date might be a little bit different than your average run of the mill Friday night, so be prepared to invest a little time in the design. Then head out and play hard!

Adventure Dates for 40 Somethings

Adventure Dates to Try For

Before you go on your adventure date you should get a collection of confidence info (and other dating suggestions) to ensure that all your bases are covered. After all, these adventure dates are to try for, not die for. Anyway, here are some of our great suggestions for your perusal:

  • Scuba Diving– You can sign up for classes, join a club, or go on an organized dive if you’re already scuba certified. There are also opportunities for great white experiences. You can learn about those adventurous dives here.
  • Helicopter Rides– You could tour the city with views unlike any you’ve had before. Take cameras to help commemorate this remarkable trip.
  • Skydive– If you have never been, then try a tandem jump with an instructor. Otherwise plan to jump somewhere new, and if you’re really good, have a picnic set up where you’ll land. To learn more about skydiving read this.
  • Spelunking– Cave exploration is called spelunking. Enjoy an afternoon of exploration but make sure to go with the proper equipment.
  • Breakfast– Well, more than that. Get up early and go hiking, to the beach, or to the riverside. Bring everything necessary to cook breakfast over a campfire. Bring your lunch too so that you can fully enjoy your time in the wilderness.
  • Motorcycle– Learn to ride together if you don’t already know. Then take a motorcycle ride to your favorite picnic spot and stop for lunch. The wind in her hair is sure to inspire you.
  • Treehouse– Build it together. Then make it your secret rendezvous whenever times get too stressful or you just need a night out. Check out these incredible treehouse designs. Some of them are like homes away from home.
  • Hot Air Balloon– You can find these companies all over the country. Based on your time frame you can add a number of different additional options to this adventure. You could make food, or fun, part of the plan. Maybe even enjoy some skiing wherever you land.
  • Hiking– Go exploring by hiking up a mountain or park trails. Just make sure it’s somewhere you have never been. And then go well prepared to stop for lunch and enjoy the scenery.
  • Travel– Travel is always an adventure and given the vast array of places you can traverse, planning a vacation to an area with a rain forest, or gorgeous waterfalls and private springs, is a marvelous idea. If you need great vacation destinations for couples you should definitely click this.

The bottom line here is based on how valuable your spouse is to you. If she’s worth the world to you then you should show her the world, shimmering, shining, and splendid. Because, seriously, when did you last let your heart decide? Adventure dates for 40 somethings are worth your time and investment.

7 Adventure Travel Tips for You

Are you in the middle of arranging your next adventure trip? Here are a couple head out tips to guarantee (well, improve the probability) of smooth travelling. Obviously, hitting a couple obstructions can be something worth being thankful for. After all, it’s not an experience if a few things don’t go wrong!

Dreaming of Becoming a Hockey Player? Check this out!

  1. Stay adaptable. Not the yoga kind (in spite of the fact that that makes a difference). Arrangements can change. Transports run late. Luggage might get lost. Eventually, the achievement or disappointment of your trek from a bliss/satisfaction stance will boil down to how well you dealt with the unpredictable circumstances. Remember this: the best stories you later tell will be of the chance experiences, the indiscretions and the unexpected. Go with the flow.
  2. Know the traditions/society of your destination. This is partly due diligence and part basic instinct. In any event, you’ll maintain a strategic distance from a humiliating or cumbersome circumstance. No joke — it can likewise keep you out of prison, or even worse. While we’re on it, it won’t hurt to take in a tad bit of the language as well. Just learning some simple expressions will be sufficient to give you the feeling that you’re fitting in, and also shows that you care enough to try.
  3. Play the role of the guest. Respect as well as humility are key. Those two things can get you through everything, as we would like to think.
  4. Pack lightly. You might go for two weeks, yet pack like you are going for one. No need to take the four “night out” get ups and the three sets of board shorts. The additional items will just weigh you down, particularly if your adventure comprises of a lot of foot travel. In the event that you can escape with it, pack just what can be carried on the plane. Nothing is more terrible than touching base at your destination airplane terminal just to find out your luggage never made it out of Toronto.
  5. Have some connections. In the event that you don’t have one, discover one. Tap into the 6 degrees of partition and find that companion of a companion living in or around your target destination. This is especially useful on outings to remote nations where sightseers are targets and tricksters are widespread. You’ll need somebody you can trust prompting you on the best places to eat, stay, explore, and so forth. On the off chance that you don’t know ANYONE, get to know someone! Stay attentive and active, yet don’t be reluctant to make companions. Not everybody is out to get you.
  6. Test your limits. Once you’re out on your adventures, there’s no need to hold back. Consider it as an opportunity to try out things you were too afraid to even think about. Fear of heights? Try sky-diving. Bad at playing hockey? Grab a stick from and start playing field hockey while you’re at it.
  7. Record the outing. Take photographs and keep a diary. You may think you’ll remember each and every point of interest, yet once the excursions begin, you’ll be grateful that you have some old pages to pore over and photograph displays to navigate. Furthermore, if you ever feel demotivated, pull out these pictures to get excited and start planning your next adventure trip!

Go on a Backpacking Adventure

Travel is always an adventure, add the idea of doing it while backpacking, and now you’re in for an incredible exploit. The thing about backpacking in the midst of travel, is determining which backpack will best suit your needs and which countries will be the most cost effective to journey through. So, with that kind of information, you will be ready to go on the backpacking escapade of a lifetime.

First, do your research on canvas backpacks here. The link will take you to a place to review some great laptop bag options but if you spend some time perusing you should be able to locate some really amazing additional canvas bag options. This will get you on the road to real backpacking preparations. The next step will involve money. We can’t really help you with that, but we can tell you which countries are the best ones to backpack through!

Go on a Backpacking Adventure

Best Countries for Backpack Ventures

Here is a quick list of countries that make incredible backpacking destinations:

Indonesia- There are literally thousands of islands for your exploits. There’s actually a debatable answer to the number of islands you can explore while there but we recommend that you definitely visit Sumatra and Sumba. While you can enjoy a great deal of Indonesia on a backpacking budget, the travel to each and every island will definitely add up, so pick the one’s you really want to see.

Nicaragua- Go there when the temperature is below 90°. That means plan your travel between December and February. Be sure to visit Masaya and its Laguna de Apoyo, a volcanic lake with bright blue water. Then take the 20 minute drive to Granada to see all the colonial buildings there.

Nepal- One of the more classic backpacking destinations, Nepal offers some very inexpensive traveling. You can visit the Garden of Dreams (learn more about that here) and Mount Everest. Because Nepal borders India and Tibet you could feasibly add these countries into your travel plans.

Peru- Considered a cheap place to visit, Peru should definitely be on your backpacking agenda. There are gorgeous beaches, historic ruins, and fascinating rain forests. There’s probably not a more gorgeous destination on our list.

Albania- Use this one as a cheaper alternative to traveling to Greece or Italy. As far as locations on the Adriatic Sea, this is probably your best option for backpacking. They have cheap hostels and food. You can enjoy Turkish coffee and Balkan börek for next to nothing financially. And if you want to know what Balkan börek is, before you determine to put it on the menu, click this.

Sri Lanka- For roughly $20 a day you can travel Sri Lanka. This island is full of monkeys and can very well be a backpacker’s paradise as long as you’re careful. Don’t go on any pricey sightseeing tours and find out which entrances are for the locals, and then go with a local. Because the tourist entrances are nearly twice as much.

Turkey- Turkish culture is rife with remnants of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Make sure you visit the 15th century Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul Old Town, and Chora Church. This destination is quickly rising on the backpacker’s dream locales list. You can learn more about Turkey and its many wonders online.

Certainly there are other great backpacking destinations, and with a little investigation you’ll undoubtedly find the places that are best for you. Just do it!

Take a History Focused French Vacation

People go to France for any number of reasons, the food, the culture, the romance. But, going to France for the purpose of learning, well, that might be a new idea. France is rife with historic imagery, architecture, and stories. When you take a history focused French vacation you will be able to embrace all that makes France incredible.

Consider the famous people who live there. You can venture to the Pouy-sur-Vannes to see Juan Pablo Molyneux’s newest architectural endeavor, his chateau located on the outskirts of Paris. Or visit his studio in the Marais District. These are visions of beauty you will get nowhere else in the world. But, Juan Pablo Molyneux is not all that France has to offer.

Take a History Focused French Vacation

5 Historic French Stops

While you are in France you must make sure to see these five places. They are the epitome of French life and history and will certainly compliment your adventures to see Molyneux’s work.

  1. Eiffel Tower- No trip to France is complete if you fail to see the Eiffel Tower. Located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution. The tower was later opened by King Edward VII.
  2. Orsay Museum- Housed in a former, late 1800s to early 1900s, railway station on the left side of the Seine, the Musee d’ Orsay is well worth your patronage. The art enclosed within its walls is from 1914 back to 1848. And, the largest number of post-impressionist and impressionist art work is protected within its structure. Artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and Renoir are on display there. Click here to see some of these artists’ works.
  3. The Louvre- Both a historic monument and the world’s largest museum, the Louvre is spectacular. With roughly 35,000 pieces of art, this museum is the second most visited one on Earth. Its artwork ranges from the present all the way back to prehistory (before things were dated). Located on the right side of the Seine, this is a must see location while in France. Read more about it here.
  4. Notre Dame Cathedral- A Medieval Catholic church, Notre Dame Cathedral is thought to be one of the most resplendent representations of Gothic French architecture. Its incredible stained glass and statues contrast the earlier designs found in Romanesque architecture. It is located on Ile de la Cite’s eastern end. Maurice de Sully, a Parisian bishop, commissioned its building in 1160 atop two previous structures. The history behind this landmark is fascinating. You can learn more by clicking this.
  5. Sacre Coeur Basilica– Also known as the Sacred Heart of Paris, the Sacre Coeur Basilica is a Catholic church devoted to the sacred heart of Jesus. Located at the top of the butte Montmartre, the church is the highest place in the city. It represents both cultural and political value to the people of France. The domed architecture and immensity of the structure will surely draw you in, but the beautiful historicity there will captivate you all the more. Read this to better understand its value.

Picking only five places to include on this list was a challenge. Surely there are a number of other magnificent pieces of French history that you should endeavor to visit while on your vacation in France. But, you’ll have to ask around or do your own research to learn more.