Best Food You Can Take for Hiking

You are always craving for an adventure and right now, you have decided that you would like to go hiking. How many mountains have you climbed? It is the climb that will truly matter in the long run as you become immersed in nature and everything that it has to offer.

Some people would say that they like to try climbing a mountain but as the date for mountain climbing or hiking becomes nearer, they say various excuses. Some people would even blame the food for not going through the hike. Remember that as long as you are determined to hike, even if you are going to use your gym shark discount in order to get the pre-packed food, you will do it. Of course, it is always ideal if you can bring healthy food that will give you the energy that you need when you hike.

Best Food You Can Take for Hiking

Here are some of the food products you can bring with you when you go hiking:

  1. Peanut Butter

When you bring peanut butter with you, make sure that you are going to bring it in a tube type so you will not have issues with the peanut butter jar breaking as you accidentally hit your bag elsewhere. Peanut butter can be used in a variety of ways. You can place peanut butter on the crackers that you have brought with you and have the right amount of protein and good fat to keep you going.

  1. Candy Bars

Take note that you are only recommended to bring this if the climate is not going to be too hot. Otherwise, you may find yourself with candy bars that are completely melted. Candy bars can be useful when you need a burst of energy in order to get to the peak. One thing about candy bars that cannot be denied: almost everyone loves its taste.

  1. Tuna

When bringing a can of tuna, pick the easy open one so you do not have to bring a can opener with you. You do not need the extra weight especially when you are going to hike for hours. You can place the tuna on top of your crackers or if you do not like eating tuna from the can, you can remove the oil or water and add a bit of mayonnaise. It will be like an instant tuna sandwich.

  1. Sliced Fruits

It will help if you have some sliced fruits with you as they are high in sugar which you need especially when you are starting to get tired. Just make sure that you prepare the food ahead of time. Remove the skin if you must so that you can minimize the wastes that you will acquire. If you choose soft fruits, they may not be too appealing when you are already in the mountains. Pick hard fruits instead.

  1. Hard Cheeses

This is ideal if the hike is going to be hot because hard cheeses do not spoil easily as compared to soft cheeses. At the same time, a lot of people appreciate the taste of cheese. If you are one of these people, then you will surely enjoy this snack.

If you have been hiking for a long time, can you still think of other food products that should be brought for hiking? You can learn more here regarding the food tips that will make your hiking satisfying.

Getting Money for Your Adventures

We all have bucket lists that we want to achieve and most of the time money is the limiting factor. As much as our adventures don’t have to be expensive, there is a way we can work on even the expensive ones to make them achievable. With the pressures of life, there are those that give up on their dreams too soon and deem it as unachievable. No matter how hard economic times get anything is achievable with the right mindset and determination. Some of the ways you can make sure you get funds for your adventures includes:

Getting Money for Your Adventures


This is the common way that has been used to get money for wander lusting. With saving however you have to have a goal to be able to achieve enough. Your saving goals will make you have timely targets of the amount that you need to save. Saving however is not achievable without discipline. Discipline will make sure that you stick to a certain spending routine that will help you to save. A sure way of saving is cutting down on expenses of low priority so that you can have more cash at your disposal. You have to prioritize your spending so that you only spend what you need.


This is one of the ways of getting money for your adventures. With the right investment you will have more than enough for your activities. Investments are however very risky and it is advisable to diversify your investments so that you don’t lose out on your money. There is however investments that are low risk and if you are not the kind who loves risks maybe you can take this route. With investing in the right way, your earnings will keep growing and with no time you will have enough money for your adventures.

Side hustle

Most of the time, salary is not enough for us to afford a leisure life. Not many people have high salaries that they can achieve whatever they want. In this case a side business or a side hustle may come in handy. Good thing is that there is no limit to the amount of side hustles you can do; it only depends with your skills and the amount of time that you are willing to commit. The more the skills you have and the more the time you can commit the better. This is a good option for those who don’t want to restructure their lifestyles with tight savings but at the same time want money for the adventures.


With the three above, for sure you can get what you need and go for your adventures. There are many people who have taken the route and have success stories. An example is the Lugano Diamonds CEO, Moti Ferder who started the business in order to afford the lifestyle he wants and this is evident in the kind of adventures he has and the kind of lifestyle he leads. You too can be a success story.

How hiking skills are helping Fly fishing

Most people are not aware of the fact that learning to become a hiker can also help in fly-fishing activities. In order to become a hiker, you want to join a club, make use of hiking compass and carry essentials, these skills can be helpful on your next fly fishing adventure also.

Fly fishing in the wind is one of the most difficult things especially for beginners as well as those who call themselves experts. It is possible to manage the calm waters when fly-fishing, especially when those fly fishes such as bonefish, tarpon and permit run flats in the water and you are capable of seeing 100 yards from your fishing point. Some beginners even enjoy practicing with big rods, attached to big flies, before casting into the strong winds and unto the sea.  If you can cast for 20 feet when the water is calm ad everything is clear, you may be surprised that casting under strong winds can reduce the casting distance by as much as 60%.

How hiking skills are helping Fly fishing

Just before you go on your first flat or salt water trip, you need to practice and don’t wait until you get into the boat. Here are some tips that will help you cast better and catch even more on your first fly-fishing trip;

#1: Make sure you practice on windy days- You are not ready to become an expert fly-fisher until you start casting when the wind is blowing at your face. Make sure you cast at odd angles and because you may never know when you will find yourself on a flat boat with winds blowing in different directions. Your trip guide will definitely want to help you by positioning the fishing boat in the best possible position, however, some shots can be very fast and you may want to position yourself ahead of catching. To know more about fly-fishing, click here.

#2: Always make use of a target when you are practicing –experts suggest that you make use of a hoop as your target, when you practicing, this is a mere suggestion because any target located on the pond or lawn will definitely work for you. In addition to making use of a target, you should practice with different distances by moving closer, farther and in the middle of too close and too far. With the wind as well as the cross wind blowing in your face, there will be so much challenges against the fly, just before it hits the water. Once you are able to master this technique at home especially under stiff winds, then your chances of catching those fly fishes will be much higher when you embark on the fly fishing trip.

#3: Make use of varying fly weights and bulk when practicing

The use of varying flyweights for your fly fishing practice is very critical, you should consider the fact that a heavy fly will be more difficult to turn or maneuvered when compared to the lighter fly. A big fly will not flow easier through the winds than the sparse fly. When you are using a heavy eye permit fly, on an 8-foot leader into the wind, you should expect some levels of inadequacies unless you are aware of how to cast such bulky fishing items before you reach the fishing boat.

Making use of heavy crab flies will create more challenges on your fishing rod, especially when you are fly-fishing in windy conditions. The advantage of using heavier rods and other items is that they can resist the wind to a large extent but you need to apply more power or pressure in order to make your catches successful.

When it comes to having a successful fly fishing practices and actually applying new skills during fly-fishing trips, you can rely on playa del carmen fly fishing guides for successful fly fish tours. This company provides great fishing accessories and gears as well as guides who has decades of fly-fishing experience.

How to Go On An Organic Food Picking Adventure

If you’re someone who genuinely cares for your health, then it’s a given that you consume organic foods. In addition to that, if you’re someone who loves adventures, then what better an activity than picking out organic fruits and vegetables? An even better option would be to find a food picking job that pays. If you don’t want to do all the hard work and still want all the organic and natural goodness, opt for Jiva Organic Foods. Check out for a wide selection of all-natural and completely organic foods.

How to Go On An Organic Food Picking Adventure

If you’re interested in working as a food picker, check out the following guide.

The primary thing to do is ensure you have the applicable working visa and allow to work for the nation you are fruit or vegetable picking in. In spite of what individuals say in regards to getting cash in hand work, it’s optimal on the off chance that you have the needed paperwork, a bank account in that country and a tax number.

Check what organic products are in season– diverse vegetable or fruit products are being picked at various times of year and picking seasons will shift from nation to nation in light of the atmosphere. In some cases there will be less work accessible if plantations are sitting tight for the yields to ripen, however in peak harvesting seasons ranches and plantations are quick to have whatever number pickers as would be possible.

Next you have to locate that important job– there are a few offices you can contact who will let you know of all the work accessible in the region you need to work, or on the other hand you can discover numerous regular work and picking directories on the web. It’s additionally worth pondering the sort of employment you need to do; and also organic product picking there are a wide range of occupations in the pack houses, working trucks and pruning trees. Here’s how you can lead a healthy organic lifestyle.

There’s dependably a high turnover and employments are typically filled when they end up plainly accessible, so regularly it’s best to telephone just a day or two in front of when you need to begin vegetable or fruit product picking. On the other hand, on the off chance that you are in the area you can appear on the day for work.

Get some information about whether you will be paid per container or every hour. The benefit of being paid by the bin is that the more you pick, the more cash you make. However, in all reality it requires a lot of effort and hard work to fill one bin, so it’s frequently better to be paid by the hour. There’s additionally a method to picking as agriculturists don’t need damaged organic products. At first it might appear to be difficult yet you will get better at it according to the additional time you spend doing it

See if they will give you free accommodation and food while you are vegetable or fruit product picking-some will give you free board while others will have campgrounds or convenience that you should pay for close-by. A few plantations are far out and require transport to get there.

Towards the finish of it your back might be sore and your hands might be crude, however vegetable or fruit product picking is an incredible approach to meet individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds, it’s not only an occupation for adventurers and what’s more you’ll be earning cash for more adventures!

Become a Hiker

hiking is something that is healthy for our bodies. It helps us to keep our bodies in good shape, and it is also a break from the hectic city life. Hikes expose us to fresh air as we adventure over new terrains. In this article, we are going to go through some useful tips for those that would like to take up the sport. One can start off with hikes that are not difficult and tiring and then as they get used and more experienced, they can advance to the more complex ones. Below are the tips to get you started.

Become a Hiker

Join a Group or Club

Hiking along with other hikers is the best way for you to quickly become a good hiker because it is fun and motivating. You can locate a hiking club near you to get you started, and is one of the places that you can find a hiking club in your area. Create a network and then plan your hikes with them.

Hike at Least Once a Week at a Local Park

In order to move on to the more strenuous and challenging hikes, it takes practice and conditioning, and that is where hiking at least once a week at a local park comes in handy. You can do this alone or as part of a group.

This helps one to develop their footwork skills, get practice planning hikes, test out new gear, and build up their physical endurance. It doesn’t matter where one hikes, just make sure to hike. The nearer that the park is to ones home, the more likely that one is bound to go hiking.

Learn to Hydrate Properly

It’s important to carry enough water on hikes, with 1 liter catering for every two hours, although this can vary based on time of year, weather conditions, the pace, body weight, and the difficulty of a hike. Learning how much water you need in these conditions is an important skill, so pay attention to what your body needs.

Carry the 10 Essentials


Map and Compass – local mall, Suunto A-10 Compass

Sun Protection – billed cap, dermatone tin, sunglasses and a long sleeved synthetic shirt for hikes longer than 4 hours

Insulation – fleece sweater, rain jacket and pants, beanie hat and an insulated jacket {For the longer hikes)

Illumination – spot headlamp, extra lithium batteries

First aid kit –  adventure medical kit

Fire – small box of wooden matches, light my fire steel, Vaseline coated cotton balls

Tools and Repair Kit – Swiss Army classic knife, duct tape, safety pins

Nutrition – nuts, dried fruit, bars, sandwiches

Hydration – 2 liters of water bottles for every two hours of hiking although this varies with the conditions we had mentioned earlier, water purification tablets or a Sawyer water filter

Emergency Shelter – emergency bivy, foam sit pad, tarp and paracord

Other – emergency contact Info, loud whistle, toilet paper and trowel

You need to learn about these essentials, why you need them, how to use them, and start bringing them on your day hikes. The wilderness begins as soon as you leave a trail head: on average it takes emergency responders an additional hour to reach a victim for every 15 minutes of hiking away from a trail head parking lot. Don’t underestimate the need to hike prepared, even in a more urban setting.

Find Comfortable Hiking Footwear

Find boots or shoes that are comfortable and don’t cause blisters. Different types of shoes work for different people because our feet are made differently.

Best Hiking Compass

Next, we are going to look at the compass and then do a review of some of the best hiking compass brands that are available on the market. There are two main types to choose from: a base plate compass or a digital compass. Digital compasses work best for shorter excursions, but they rely on batteries, and those come with their disadvantages. They also can’t be incorporated into map work. Another option you might consider, but should steer away from, are those quarter-sized key-chain compasses or watch compasses. Those are rarely even useful for orienting yourself to north.

Base Plate Compass

It is important for all beginners to learn how to use the base plate compass, and below are some of the features.


This transparent plate is where the compass gets its name from, and although it comes in a variety of colors, clear is the best since it’s easier to make out the markings, like the ruler for measuring distances on a map, more easily readable. Also, a ruler marked in millimeters will be the most useful, as this scales better with USGS topographical maps.

Magnetized Needle

One end of the compass needle, usually colored red, will always point to the magnetic north pole. Always opt for what is called a “floating needle” compass, which identifies a needle housing that is steadied by either a type of alcohol or oil. The main difference between a floating needle and a dry needle is that a dry needle might get jostled by movement.​

Azimuth Ring

This ring is marked from 0 to 360 degrees at various intervals and the better grade compasses usually have a smaller interval of degrees for more accurate readings.​

Orientation Lines and Arrows

These assist, and the “meridian lines (also called north and south lines)” are crucial to plotting bearings on a map or finding two points from a map out in the field.​

Other features that can be found on compasses but are not necessarily of urgent importance include a magnifying lens and luminescent indicators. Other features to also look at are mentioned below:


This is a useful tool that is used to measure the accurate height or slope of something in comparison to where one is standing. A clinometer helps when assessing the risk of avalanche. Search-and-rescuers also like to carry clinometers.

Declination Adjustment

The declination adjustment attunes to the secular variation in Earth’s magnetic waves, so you are also headed towards north. According to the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), because the difference between “true” north and magnetic “north” varies “anywhere from 0 degrees to 30 degrees or more,” declination adjustment will provide you a better orientation than a compass without it. To know if the compass has a declination adjustment, there is a small dialing screw at the edge of the bezel and some of the premium models are the ones that allow for the feature to be set manually.

Sighting Mirror

A sighting mirror works best for people that like blazing their own trails or who require precision when navigating, since it allows one to both see their target and keep watch over their bearing simultaneously. It folds down over the compass like a clam shell to protect it from weathering. Secondly, a sighting mirror comes in handy during life or death situations, like falling down into a crevice and using the reflection to signal down a rescue helicopter.

Global Needle

This work best for international hikers and backpackers since they can be used anywhere in the world by automatically adjusting to the varying magnetic zones. The other advantage is that the needle tilts up to 20 degrees, meaning as one walks, the compass reading remains level.

The Top 10 Best Compasses for Hiking

TruArc 3 Base Plate Compass

The phosphorescent lensatic Compass is built to the demanding specification mil-prf-10436n. Battle tested through rigorous shock, water, sand proof, and functional from -50 F to +150 F. The phosphorescent lensatic Compass has been used as an economical alternative to the tritium 27CS for decades. It is the same Compass cammenga has been supplying to the us military except that the self-luminous tritium has been replaced with phosphorescent paint. Equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire, and dial graduations in both degrees and mils to ensure accurate readings. The copper induction damping system slow the rotation of the Magnet without the use of liquids.

Built to last with an aluminum frame and waterproof housing. The cammenga Compass is depended on by fighting Forces, government agencies, and adventurous outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Features- Luminosity: phosphorescent – jewel bearing: sapphire- rotating bezel: bi-directional- climate capacity: -50 F to +150 F- frame materials: cast aluminum- waterproof: YES- accuracy: +/- 0002 mils – dial readings: degrees & mils – casting: aluminum – damping process: induction (no liquid req.)- carrying Pouch: lc-1 w/belt clip included- lanyard: colors (body): Olive drab.


  • Phosphorescent lensatic compass clam pack
  • Waterproof yes
  • Carrying Pouch & belt clip


  • Highly dependable and durable construction, made from aluminum
  • Built to the specification MIL-PRF-10436N (military grade)
  • High accuracy (+/- 40 mils)
  • Sand, water, and shockproof
  • Luminosity is based off phosphorescent paint, not tritium gas lume like more expensive models
  • Copper-Induction Dampening System slows the rotation of the needle without fluid
  • Needle remains steady and settles quickly
  • Low resistance sapphire jewel bearing
  • Rotating, bi-directional bezel
  • Comes with carrying pouch and belt clip
  • Outer bezel moves independently and has a luminescent azimuth marker
  • Perfect for hunters, as the clamshell has a focuser with a crosswire


  • Balanced to the northern hemisphere in most cases, the southern hemisphere model costs more

Suunto MC-2G In Global Compass

When venturing out into new territory, these sighting compasses offer precision navigation with a variety of carefully engineered and dependable features for challenging conditions.

Product highlights: Sighting tools for accurate direction. taking rugged construction global balancing system clinometer. Large mirror jewel bearing cm and inch scales, adjustable declination correction scale, additional sighting hole for superior accuracy. It is a baseplate with a magnifying lens and anti-slip rubber pads. luminous two-color bezel ring and a detachable snap-lock in the lanyard. Easy to detach for working with the map wristlock in the lanyard metric scales cm, inch, 1:20 000 km Roamer, 1:25 000 km roamer.


  • Comes with a patented global needle that works anywhere in either hemisphere so you can always find your way. Baseplate features magnifying lens, straight edge and inch markings for accurate map reading. Declination scale is adjustable to account for the difference between magnetic and true North.
  • Easy-grip bezel reads in 2-degree increments and features luminous outer ring for low-light reading.


  • Clear base plate
  • Anti-slip rubber pads on the underside
  • Sighted mirror
  • Additional sighted hole for improved bearing accuracy
  • Can be tilted up to 20 degrees and read precisely
  • Long-lasting precision pivot on jewel bearing
  • Global steel needle has an accelerated dampening time
  • Clinometer with a reverse protractor
  • Adjustable declination
  • Luminous two-color bezel and guidance points
  • Inch and centimeter measurements1:24,000 and 1:50,000 map scales
  • Magnifying lens
  • Comes with a red nylon lanyard that also has a wristlock


  • Lanyard is short
  • Luminous dial dims quickly
  • Dial can be hard to turn, especially when wearing gloves
  • Often requires two hands to use and position correctly

Silva Polaris Compass

The Silva Polaris Base Plate compass is an instrument for the advanced orienteer, as well as novices to map-and-compass work. The slim profile, durability, and excellent accuracy make this compass our choice to include in survival kits. Clear base plate with inch, millimeter and 1:24,000 scales, makes it easy to read a map, set bearings, and plan a trip. It features 2° graduation lines with large numerals at every 20° for easy reading of bearings. Red and black orientation lines facilitate establishing your position on, or setting your course from, a map; scales help determine distances. Large sighting arrow helps you set your course across the land; large bezel and ergonomic design make it easy to hold and use.

Fixed declination scale accommodates quick adjustments of map bearings to field headings. Base plate lanyard hole lets you keep the compass handy around your neck (lanyard not included). Friction-free sapphire bearing allows the tungsten steel needle to swing freely; permanently clear fluid keeps it steady Instructions explain how to find yourself on a map given known landmarks and how to set a bearing across the land using a map.


  • The Silva Polaris Base Plate compass is an instrument for the advanced orienteer, as well as novices to map-and-compass work. The slim profile, durability, and excellent accuracy make this compass our choice to include in survival kits.
  • Clear base plate with inch, millimeter and 1:24,000 scales, makes it easy to read a map, set bearings, and plan a trip
  • Fixed declination scale accommodates quick adjustments of map bearings to field headings
  • Friction-free sapphire bearing allows the tungsten steel needle to swing freely; permanently clear fluid keeps it steady
  • Instructions explain how to find yourself on a map given known landmarks and how to set a bearing across the land using a map Bulk packaged


  • Clear base plate
  • Base plate lanyard holeInch and millimeter measurements, as well as 1:24,000 scales
  • 2-degree graduation lines
  • Easy to read red and black orientation lines
  • Easy to set bearings, field headings
  • Large bezel
  • Fixed declination scale
  • Ergonomic design
  • Clear fluid-filled casing, sapphire bearing, tungsten needle


  • Lanyard not included
  • Azimuth ring is not luminescent
  • Bubbles sometimes form in the fluid, keeping the needle from pointing north

Silva Ranger 515 Compass

The Silva Ranger 515 CL and Ranger 515CLQ compass deliver superior accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions. The split-sighting mirror ensures superior accuracy when navigating on distant landmarks. The baseplate has three scales for quick, easy plotting with a topographic map. Silicone feet provide positive grip on a map. The geared declination allows you to set and forget the declination for the area you are in, ensuring constant compensation for this variable when taking bearings.

A clinometer lets you measure angles of inclination.1:24,000 map scale.1:25,000 and 1:50,000 romer scales.Clinometer. Magnifying lens.Luminous markings for use a night.Geared declination adjustment.Silicone feet keep the compass from sliding on a map.Includes lanyard with a screwdriver to set declination.dimensions: 4X2.5″.Weight: 2.4oz.


  • Classic bezel, lid & mirror with more knuling for easier rotation/grip
  • 1-piece mirror with etched sighting line down the center for a precise readout of bearing when sighting
  • New luminous; 4X more intense than watch grade and does not degrade over time
  • 0°-360° dial, 2° graduations with luminous points for night use
  • Clinometer, map magnifier


  • Clear base plate with 3 measurement scales
  • Enhanced grip and ease of rotation than earlier models
  • Clam-shell mirror that folds over compass when not in use
  • Sighting mirror has etched lines for precision reading
  • Intense luminosity and designed lit points for nighttime reading
  • 0-360 degrees dial
  • 2-degree graduations
  • Magnifying glass and Inclinometer
  • Geared declination – set and forget adjustment
  • Package includes lanyard and screwdriver for setting declination
  • Lightweight and Waterproof
  • Liquid-filled casing


  • Comprised entirely out of plastic (aside from the compass casing)
  • Have to turn the compass in your hands to open it, so it can get clumsy with gloves
  • Silicone feet on base plate may be uneven
  • Purchase a protective case for this compass, as it is not entirely durable or cold temperature resistant
  • Black bezel ring can be hard to see at nighttime

SUUNTO M-3 G Compass

A premium quality precision compass for convenient direction taking globally even in demanding conditions. The baseplate compass for globetrotters. The adventure compass. A reliable compass is essential for navigating and surviving in extreme conditions. These hardy baseplate compasses are ready for the challenge.


  • Compact, high-quality professional compass designed for accurate and convenient direction taking
  • Global needle works anywhere on the planet; base plate with anti-slip rubber pads
  • Large, liquid-filled capsule, adjustable declination correction scale, and rounded ergonomic edges
  • Serrated bezel ring turns easily in cold weather; easy-to-read luminous markings
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island


  • Works in both hemispheres (has a global needle), making it ideal for globetrotters
  • Has an inch scale on one side and a cm/mm scale on the other
  • Also included a 1:24,000 and 1:62,000 scale for estimating mileage
  • Clinometer
  • Declination adjustment
  • Compact design, thin (only 5 mm thick), and lightweight
  • High accuracy; except to return within meters of your original starting destination if doing a loop (+/- 10 degree)
  • Baseplate comes with anti-slip gripping
  • Rounded ergonomic edges and serrated bezel rings for easy adjustment in any weather
  • Luminous markings
  • Liquid-filled capsule
  • 22mm magnifying glass


  • The user manual does not discuss how to use the clinometer

Brunton TruArc 3 Base Plate Compass

Brunton offers a high level of field precision for today’s most demanding outdoor adventurer and the TruArc 3 Base Plate Compass is a great example of this. It’s a scouting compass with modern updates, equipped with the TruArc Global Needle system in the characteristic form outdoorsmen have trusted for generations. Metric and standard scales, and tool-less declination compensation, plus no-frills reliability make this a must for everyone’s outdoor pack.


  • Brunton Product
  • Includes compass
  • Great for camping
  • 2 Degree resolution
  • Inch/CM Scales
  • Global Needle
  • Made in the USA
  • U-Proof Warranty


  • 2-degree resolution
  • Inch and centimeter scales
  • Declination adjustment via rotating bezel. Simply place and set to your desired degree.
  • Global needle: Previous models were not as ready for global travel as this model, which now features a top-hat construction that allows for the needle to adjust to different magnetic regions without dragging
  • Perfect for backpackers who love no frills
  • Very stable needle that does not bounce when in motion
  • Fluid-filled casing; highly magnetic needle fabricated out of cobalt chrome alloy
  • Comes with a lanyard


  • No magnifying glass
  • No cardinal points on the degree markings; instead they are located underneath the bezel and can be hard to read
  • Cannot be used at nighttime
  • Decals will peel off in harsh conditions

Multifunction Military Army Sighting Compass

The bubble level of this compass can improve its accuracy and decrease its errors; Special design of fluorescent light allows you to read data in dark environment after absorbing enough sunshine. The waterproof and shake proof compass is suitable for motoring, boating, camping, mountaineering, exploring, hunting and other outdoor activities. Can be used for positioning, orienting on a map, plotting and so on. Eyeskey professional military army geological compass navigator for camping hiking – multifunctional, waterproof, portable, with Inclinometer

Compact size and lightweight make it easy to handle and carry. It is made of high strength engineering metal and covered by army green paint, which is capable of working under extreme weather conditions. Each product enjoys 30 days money back and lifetime worry-free guarantee.


  • Compass with Inclinometer.
  • Foldable metal lid. Floating compass dial with 360 scale.
  • Luminous magnet arrow. Adjustable prism lens.
  • Fully sealed design, waterproof.
  • Fine workmanship, attractive appearance, durability.
  • Made of high strength engineering metal.
  • With CM and INCH ruler on each side of the compass.
  • To measure direction, longitude and latitude, horizontal and so on.

Come with: High quality carrying pouch, strap, English manual


  • Compact, lightweight, and extremely accurate
  • Military-grade engineering for durability
  • Waterproof, shatterproof
  • Rotary lanyard ring that can be used to close the lid on the compass, protecting it from damage
  • Ruler on the side
  • Durable metal casing
  • Luminous marching line and floating luminous dial
  • Liquid-filled casing
  • Global needle
  • Inclinometer
  • Sighting mirror with orientation lines
  • Inch and centimeter ruler; can also be used to measure longitude and latitude
  • 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee


  • Weighs almost a pound (around 308 grams) and is fairly large
  • No declination adjustment
  • Needs to be exposed to enough sunshine in order for the luminous bands to glow brightly
  • Not beginner friendly, as the manual provides little insight on how to use the compass correctly (but for experienced compass users, the manual is great)
  • Be wary of counterfeits.

Suunto M-9 Wrist Compass

The Suunto M-9 wrist compass is designed for maximum usability while keeping your hands free. The large luminous card has 5* increments for navigation and is great for geocaching, hiking, scrambling, or traveling in an unfamiliar city. The compass features a side window for taking bearings and a ratchet mechanism allows you to set a desired direction. The strap features a brass buckle and can be worn over a light jacket. Operating temperature: -22 to +140F (-30 to +60C).


  • Handy and reliable wrist compass for navigating around town or the country
  • Employs Suunto’s two-zone system for reliable readings in northern hemisphere
  • Serrated bezel ring turns easily even when you’re wearing gloves
  • Ratchet mechanism for setting direction; jewel bearing and side reading window


  • Utilizes Suunto’s “two-zone system” to work within the entire northern hemisphere
  • Adjustable bezel ring has a serrated edge so it can be turned even when wearing gloves
  • Can set your desired direction
  • Side reading window that works like a lensatic, so when you have the numbers strapped to your wrist properly, you get superbly accurate bearings
  • Waterproof
  • Luminates
  • Operates in -30 to +60 degrees Celsius (-22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Liquid-filled casing
  • Small, lightweight, and non-invasive


  • Will not function properly in the southern hemisphere
  • No orientation lines; not ideal for mapping
  • Not entirely beginner friendly (see below)
  • In order to use this compass to its fullest potential, you need to wear it correctly and know how to read the pointer (explained in the directions). Otherwise, the numbers will make no sense
  • Included wrist strap is not a one-size deal and wears quickly

Military Grade Sighting Compass

Includes handy necklace (perfect for kids to learn maps & sighting), Foldable metal lid, sighting window with sighting line, north arrow, floating compass dial with 360˚ scale, rotary dial with 360˚ scale, luminous magnet arrow, bezel ring, Inch/ cm scale, adjustable prism lens, liquid-filled, bubble level, and even a reference table to estimate distance and scope! All in One! Never be without these essential navigation tools ever again!

Use the same lightweight and convenient lens sighting compass that top survivalists, guides, scouts, survivalists, emergency rescue teams, military, and special operations teams use, out in the field. The original “Under Control Tactical” military sighting compass features industry-leading, professional-grade and extremely durable construction, made to handle whatever you can throw at it.

Perfect for carrying in your car, truck, or SUV and ideal for packing in your backpack. Lightweight and easy-to-carry. Perfect for every survival/ camping/ emergency situation.


  • Rugged metal, shockproof casing
  • Adjustable luminous marching line
  • Luminous dial
  • Magnifying viewer
  • Sighting hairline
  • Floating needle in fluid-filled casing for stability
  • Folds up and compacts
  • Super lightweight
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Spot-on accuracy
  • Great for training purposes due to limited features


  • Printing is a bit small and can be difficult to read at times
  • Minimal scaling and rulers
  • No inclinometer
  • The pivoting lanyard can make placing the compass down flat a bit of a hassle, so it is recommended to switch out the provided lanyard with something else

K&R Alpin Metric Compass

This double-sided map measurer is small, lightweight, and offers a wide range of map scales and distance measurements. Dimensions: 4.7-Inch x 1.9-Inch x 0.4-Inch%3b dial diameter: 1.6-Inch%3b weight: 0.7 ounce.


  • Plastic housing
  • Rotating counter
  • Precise metal measuring wheel
  • Metric scales: 1:15,000, 1:20,000, 1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:100,000
  • Standard scales: 1:24,000, 1:62,500, 1:250,000, inch ruler
  • New tool less Adjustable declination
  • Unbreakable polished aluminum sighting mirror


  • 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 metric map scales
  • Built-in clinometer (0-90 degrees, 1 degree resolution)
  • Luminous bezel
  • Modernization declination adjustment that allows the inner ring to be set to the current declination quickly
  • Tested and developed with the BRK Mountain Rescue Service
  • Sighting mirror is enhanced with thermo-elastic fluid to keep it from freezing
  • Mirror is made of polished aluminum for durability
  • Liquid-filled capsule also has thermo-elasticity, meaning the capsule flexes with changes in temperature and will not crack when dropped
  • Comes with a durable ABS lid
  • Triple sighting system
  • Transparent base plate with rubber feet
  • Magnifying lens
  • Wide neck lanyard with built-in release


  • Not a negative for the compass, but be aware when purchasing that you are not buying a counterfeit model. K&R tends to be counterfeited often.


As you can see, there are many different types of compasses that come with different features. It all boils down to what you’re looking for in a compass, and also where you’ll be hiking, and under what circumstances. Those are some of the best compasses that are in the market right now.

Adventures You Should Plan

It is a well-known fact that the world around is continuously evolving and the only constant thing in it is “Change.” It is a vital thing that you need to have in your life to keep it interesting. Making your life adventurous can be an amazing experience and can broaden your horizons. You can seek adventure in some different ways.

You can travel, and it will make your life an endless adventure, or you can take part in contests to make yourself feel worthy and fulfilled. Many people in this world look forward to being a part of some adventures, and for that reason, they keep on looking for exciting, new and better ways through which they can make their lives more fulfilling.

Adventures You Should Plan

If you are one of those people who have to have some adventure every once in a while but has done almost everything, do not worry as there are several things that you have not had the chance to do till now. Read this article, and you will learn about new things that you can be a part of on your next great adventure:

  • Mountain Biking In Moab

One of the most incredible experiences you can be a part of is Mountain Biking in Moab. If you are a fan of adventures but still have not gone for this one, you need to be a part of it as soon as possible. Mountain Biking in Moab is biking in a desert and if you are planning to go for it, the best time to do so is during the hours from noon till midnight.

During the mentioned period, the temperature of the area is not brutally hot. Going for this adventure during the night time might not be a good idea as it would get freezing.  To be a part of mountain biking, you need to first get your hands on a bike along with an enduro kit. Do not forget to have a good supply of water and food along with you.

  • Archery:

Archery is also one of the most sought after adventures all over the world. People who love to hunt go for it especially. Nevertheless, if you have not been on this adventure yet, you can plan for it as soon as possible. With the help of experts, you can learn how to make perfect aims using the right kind of equipment both indoors as well as outdoors.

Having the right compound bow is necessary if you would like to learn it in the best possible manner. This bow comes with an accessory bag as well as a warranty card. Choose the bow that comes with a simple design so that you can use it efficiently. Along with that, the price that you go for should be affordable. Be wary of something that is extremely pricey.

  • Surfing In Puerto Rico:

If you love surfing, one place you need to go to is PUERTO RICO. Known for its immense beauty, PUERTO RICO is the best place to go. No matter if you are going for paddle boarding or for a big wave the beaches that are a part of PUERTO RICO make it an attractive place to relax at, even if you are not surfing. This adventure is not a costly one as surfing boards can be rented for a day at very affordable rates. You can slide through the waves all day long, and whenever you get tired or hungry, the beachside refreshments in that area will serve you well.

  • Dog Sledding In Canada:

Now, this is quite a different kind of adventure, and not various people go for it. Dog Sledding in Canada requires you to be a bit brave, and you can go for the Trappers Run as well as Mountain Mushing. However, unlike surfing, this adventure will need for you to pay a hefty amount which would be around $300 to $398. Nonetheless, the experience will make your money worth it!

Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun

There may be various reasons why you would like to make some changes with your yard. There is a possibility that you want it to be a place where you can hang out with the rest of your loved ones when they go to your house. At the same time, you can be close to nature. This is vital if you are a person who loves the outdoors. Every time you go outdoors, you begin to feel refreshed as your soul reconnects with nature as it is supposed to.

It can be challenging to go out of your house though when you know that your yard is uncomfortable and dirty. The very first step that you need to do is to make sure that you have a clean backyard. This will make your yard safe not only for you but for the rest of the people who will be with you. Once you get your backyard clean that is the time when you can plan the next things you are going to place.

Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun

Here are some things that you should have in your backyard.

  1. A play area – This is the place where you and some of the kids can play. Instead of putting large metal pieces that belong in a public playground, you may opt for more budget friendly equipment like the trampoline. You can check what the best trampoline to buy is depending on your preference. If you intend to just let kids play at the trampoline, you can choose something that is meant for kids but if you want to play with the trampoline too, it is best to choose something that you can also play with as an adult.
  2. A place where you can hangout – If you have some beanbags that you want to place on your yard then do just that. Make sure that the area is clear and clean first before placing the beanbags around. Have them in different colors that all complement each other. Before long, your friends would request to hang out there every time.
  3. Have lights placed around the yard – It is okay to stay in the yard when the weather is fine and when it is day time but at night, it is more ideal that you can turn on some lights to keep you safe while you are there. There may be some animals that lurk at night and there are also some people who may attempt to enter through your backyard.
  4. Add a bit of water – It will be nice if you can have something with water on your yard. You do not have to create a pool as this will be very expensive but you can add a small fountain that will add a nice touch to the rest of your yard. Having a bird bath may be nice too. It will be up to you.

Are you searching for other ideas for your backyard? You can check this. There are still a lot of other things that you may place on your yard depending on your needs and preferences. In the end, it will still be up to you.

Top Fish Species to Catch On an Ultimate Fishing Trip

Adventures don’t always just happen. In fact, you can go a year about your job and home life without any adventures at all.  Adventure is something you have to go and look for and something that you have to plan on having during a trip or holiday.  The better you plan, the more adventures you can enjoy and the more full your life will become.  If you are planning a fishing expedition then you should create yourself a bucket list for fish species to catch on the expedition so you can get the most out of your trip and enjoy the most adventures on your trip.

Dreamy Fishing Expeditions That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Gear up for your adventurous fishing expeditions

A lot of fishermen stick to the same catches because they don’t have the right gear to enjoy a variety of trips and to catch different fish species.  Fishing gear is a bit expensive but the great thing about the gear is that you only have to buy it once since most fishing gear on the market are incredibly durable and incredibly high quality these days.  On Fishing Reel Types you can scout the best spinning reels for different types of fishing adventures and for different types of fish.

Top species for freshwater expeditions

You want some excitement on your freshwater fishing expedition’s right?  Then perhaps you should put your focus on fighting fish.  Here are the top freshwater fighting fish that you should try to catch for a more adventurous fishing trip;

Bass – Bass are quite hard to catch despite the fact that they are quite commonly found in most lakes, ponds and rivers.  This feisty fish species should definitely be on your list of fish to catch.

King Salmon – These kings are big and muscular and they give quite a fight when you catch them which make them the perfect addition to an exciting trip.

Northern pike – This is another big fish that will put up a big fight when you are trying to reel one of these in.

Musky – This massive fish is one of the hardest species to catch and they put up a huge fight but worth every bit of effort for that perfect fish mount in your home.

Top species for saltwater expeditions

If you are going sea fishing then you probably need something beautiful for a gorgeous photo or for a wall mount right?  Well, here are just a few of the most beautiful fish that you should try to get on your saltwater expeditions.

Blue Marlin – They are often huge which makes them perfect for a huge display in your home.

Sailfish Sailfish are predator fish and is one of the fastest fish in the sea which also makes them one of the most thrilling fish species to catch.

Dorado – This fish type is beautiful and the brilliant colors makes for great photographs and even better taxidermy projects.

Great Barracuda – This large specie is a great adventure to catch and those big teeth will make a great mount on your wall.

Finding The Best Trolling Motor Battery

If you are the kind of person who is fond of water sports, you would want to consider a trolling motor battery for your boat. In order to get the best battery it is important to have information about trolling motor batteries. Trolling motor batteries are better than the regular batteries since they have a grid size that is thicker for better deep cycle usage and performance.

There are three main types of trolling motor batteries, wet cell batteries, AGM batteries and Lithium-ion batteries.  Wet cell batteries also known as lead acid wet –cell are the most common and affordable batteries. They are meant to handle frequent draining and recharging that comes with trolling motor use. They however require some maintenance which includes topping off the water and they are prone to spillage and vibration. They are long lasting and last between 1-2 years.

AGM batteries also known as absorbed glass mat batteries have that name because they are built using a glass plate and a gel-like substance. Unlike other kinds of batteries, you don’t have to necessarily open them to add distilled water as they are completely sealed. They are way more expensive than the wet cell battery and will last between 3-4 years.

Finding The Best Trolling Motor Battery

Lithium ion batteries are the most expensive and most long lasting batteries. They however last long if they are kept under low temperatures.

There are factors that you have to consider to make sure that you get the best trolling motor battery. They include:

Battery amp hour rating

This is the amount of time that the battery can take to supply certain amperage. This will depend on the type of the boat and the kind of budget you have. The higher the amperage hour the better, as that means it will take longer before the battery is drained.

Battery group size

This indicates the size and power of a battery. Batteries are normally grouped in sizes which may include 6D, 8D, 31, 27 and 24. The size of battery normally depends on the size of the engine and the size of the boat. Whatever is chose should be able to fit in the battery box well and still leave room for ventilation. There are some boats that can use several batteries at the same time for more power while there are those that will have to only use one battery.

Purpose of the battery

The battery can either be for starting, deep cycle or dual purpose. It depends on what you want to use the battery your boat needs.


There are batteries that require more maintenance than others and thus this is a very important factor to consider making sure that you end up with the best. This is why AGM batteries are the most recommended as they require less maintenance.

Manufacturing date

It is always better to go for batteries that have been manufactures most recently since they prove to have better performance.


As much as there are many factors to consider, the main determinant of the battery to choose is your budget. It is however good to remember cheap is expensive in most cases.

Safety tips for water sports

In summer and during our holidays it is always fun to spend some time on the beach and enjoy water sports. It is however important to pay attention to safety regulations that have already been put into place and also to make the most of our fun times by enjoying activities with safety in mind. There are so many accidents that occur daily in water sports that we need to be a bit more weary and cautious about what we do while enjoying our favorite water adventures. The first thing to remember is an obvious but important fact that you need to know how to swim before engaging in any water sports. It might sound strange but every single day at least 10 people die of downing.

Safety tips for water sports

The next and very important step is to wear a life jacket even if you are a seasoned swimmer. If you are planning to go out to see you can help yourself in any emergent situation with a floatation device. It might not be the sexiest look but it is certainly the smartest. In the same sentence you should also be aware of any changes in weather conditions and tides. This will help you to decide which day is the best to go out to sea. You really don’t want to get caught in rough waters. Click here to learn more about lifejackets.

Another very important step to take is to protect your skin. Make sure you don’t put yourself at risk for skin cancer by wearing enough sunscreen and protective clothing. You don’t what to have to deal with painful sunburn after your fabulous day. Also make sure that you purchase the right equipment. Don’t go for the cheapest as your life and your experience counts on it. Take a look at this stand up paddle board paddle for some of the best paddle boards. You will get information on the materials that were used for manufacturing and what you can expect from your board.

It is also suggested that you should always have a buddy with you when going out to see. This is especially true if you are going for day trips or longer periods of time. You can actually set up a float plan. Read more about this. Find someone that you trust and that is as seasoned and trained at you. Lastly but most certainly not the least you should always have a method to call for help if needed. Bring a waterproof bag with you that contain a few communication devices for example your cell phone and perhaps a two-way radio. This might just be the safety net that you need when you go off course or if something happens while you are out there. It is better to be prepared than to travel light. You should have fun on your trip and adventure but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the necessary precautions to make sure you return home safe. By implementing these few steps you will never have to be concerned about getting hold of someone when you need to.