Ways to Commemorate Your Adventures

We love the outdoors. We love the journey it often takes to get to the outdoors. But, as we age, it seems like the memories we have created during previous adventures are starting to fade. Sure, we can create new adventure memories, but we can’t stop the hands of time, or restore our once seamless memory keeping ability. That’s why we wanted to present to you some great ways to commemorate your adventures, so you can keep the memories for years to come.

One amazing option is offered by T-Shirts Ninja. You can choose from a number of featured designs and categories. Or, you can create a custom design using the Design Studio online. T-Shirts that display pictures of your adventurous moments are great keepsakes. Essentially, they are wearable reminders of all the fun you had the last time you went on a vacation, excursion, get-away, or grand exploration. It will be hard to forget those moments when you are wearing them emblazoned upon your chest. But, maybe you’re looking for something a little more subtle. Keep reading.

Ways to Commemorate Your Adventures

10 Awesome Ways to Save Your Adventure Memories

Getting t-shirts made is cool. Think about how many family reunion shirts you have seen over the years. And, now people are taking their favorite shirts and having them made into quilts. So, while shirts are a great idea, you might be wanting a few more suggestions. Therefore, please enjoy these 10 awesome ways to save your adventure memories:

  1. Lampshade– We are sure that one caught you off guard. But, there are companies that can turn your special photographic memories into functional lampshades. With one of those, you will be able to see the memories every day. Want to do it yourself? Read this.
  2. Coasters- There are a couple of different kinds of coasters on the market. You could opt for the wood block kind or something more traditional.
  3. Wrapping Paper– Ok, that one might be a little weird. Unless you want to give your memories away, and potentially watch them get shredded by impatient recipients.
  4. Postcards- This one is a cool idea because it involves sending yourself postcards from your travels. You can write down all the things you are seeing and doing and it will serve as a photographic journal. Learn more.
  5. Keepsake Box- Get some cheap wood or cardboard boxes and label them with the places you have gone. Then store all the little mementos you gathered during your time there. Every time you open them, you will be reminded of the adventure.
  6. Book- You could always get all your pictures turned into photo albums/books.
  7. Shadowbox- You know you pick up little bits of things, rocks and shells, tourist tokens, etc. whenever you go on an adventure. Store them in shadowboxes.
  8. Magnets- Thanks to the dawn of some serious technological advancements, you can also turn those cool photos into magnets for the fridge or office.
  9. Memory Jar– Mason jars are multi-functional, in case you didn’t know. Bring home some water from that beach in Fiji. Or some rich dark earth from the rainforest you hiked through.
  10. Travel Notebook– Probably the best way to remember your adventures, aside from the photos you take, is what you write down about it. You can write while you’re there, at the end of each day, telling all that you did. Then, as memories fade, you can always reread it and feel refreshed.

If you need some more great ideas, you can find them here.

How You Can Have the Perfect Road Trip

You have to admit that a road trip is always a fun adventure that you can experience. It can be done alone if you need some “me” time. You may also do it with your family if you all want a chance to bond with each other. It can also be spent with people that you are highly close to. There are various options available. It will be up to you to spend it well.

The thing about road trips is that they are not always fun. Perhaps you have already done road trips wherein you barely knew what to do in order to pass time. You have tried your hardest to become entertained but the whole trip became a drag. You do not want your road trip to be boring to the point that executive car towing Perth is even more exciting. This car towing service is highly reliable though. If in case you do experience a road trip wherein the car breaks down, the services of this company will be useful in all situations.

How You Can Have the Perfect Road Trip

Get to know now the different tips that will allow you to have the best road trip of your life:

  1. Have a destination in mind.

With all of the things that you do in life, there is always a sense of satisfaction when you are able to reach your goal. It may be fun to plan a trip wherein you can get to any random location but it is still best if you know exactly where you are going to go. This will make the road trip feel like it has more purpose.

  1. Be prepared to make side trips and stop overs.

You know that by doing this, it will take longer to get to your destination but this is something that you can do in order to make the trip more fun than usual. When you keep your plans loose, you may come across some exciting destinations that you will remember for your whole lifetime.

  1. Have enough cash with you.

The places that you are going to go may be places that you have never been to before. This means that there is a possibility that there will be some stores that will not accept credit cards or even debit cards. By having enough cash, you can guarantee that you will be able to buy the things that you need to make your road trip memorable.

  1. Make sure that you have great music.

The music that you are going to listen to will allow you to feel the ride that you are going through. With bad music, you will feel your energy start to lower. It is best if you can prepare the play list ahead of time.

  1. Have tools in your car.

Even if you have had your car checked before going on a road trip, you will never know if your car would suddenly show some issues while you are on a road trip. Make sure that you have a spare tire available and make sure that you have tools. This will allow you to make minor repairs if needed.

With all of these tips in mind, having the perfect road trip seems to be more reachable than ever.

How to Have an Adventure at the Beach

When you think about the beach, do you normally think about the sun, sand and swimming? What if the beach could be a place of adventure for you? This is the place wherein you can start doing new things and try out other water activities that you have never done before. Will you try it? If you don’t, you might miss some opportunities that could have taught you how amazing beaches can be.

It will depend on the type of beach that you would visit. There are some beaches that are secluded because the island itself is not inhabited. You may have come across the island by going on a boat tour or you wanted to camp there. Camping can make the beach more fun. Instead of staying at luxurious resorts, you can try creating your bonfire near the shore and cooking your favorite food. At night, you can experience lying down on the sand and see a lot of stars – far more than the usual amount that you see from home.

There are also some beaches that allow you to do water activities. Kayaking is one water activity that you can do if you are a bit anxious about trying the others available. You can start kayaking by searching for the right kayak. A 3 person inflatable kayak may be nice to bring with you at the beach. Just make sure that you will choose the one that you actually need so you can be comfortable in it when you use it.

How to Have an Adventure at the Beach

What other things can you do at the beach? Here are some ideas:

  1. Go on a walk – This is one activity that you can do whether you are alone or with your friends although if you are not too familiar with the place, it is best that you can do it with other people. By walking, you will become more acquainted with the place so you will know the right places to visit when you return.
  2. Snorkel or Dive – There are a lot of things that you can see underwater that you will never see elsewhere. If you have a license to dive then this is something that you can experience up close but snorkeling can be great too especially if you scared of going deep in water.
  3. Play Games – This is best done when you are with a large group of people. All you need is volleyball and you can already start playing. It can be a fun activity that can take hours at a time. It can be a fun way to get fit too especially since you are going to do a lot of running and jumping around.
  4. Fly a Kite – It is known that the wind is usually stronger near the beach so if you have never tried flying your kite before, perhaps you can make an exception now. It can be fulfilling once you start to see your kite flying high in the sky.

Can you still think of other fine activities that you can do at the beach? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. A lot of people will appreciate it.

Use the Trees in Your Back Yard for Children’s Adventures

Children need a lot of adventure in their life to develop healthy minds and strong muscles.  The only problem with adventure is that there is never enough time to enjoy adventures.  Taking your children on a trip or holiday is always expensive and it is always a hassle to get some time off from work so your children can have some fun.  But perhaps you haven’t been open minded enough about the possibilities for adventure for your children in your own back yard.  If you have a good tree or two in your back yard then you have the opportunity to create a tiny zone in your back yard that will enable your children to enjoy mini adventures every day by simply adding the right features to your trees.

Use the Trees in Your Back Yard for Children’s Adventures

Build a treehouse

What child wouldn’t love a treehouse?  Wait, let me rephrase.  What person wouldn’t love a treehouse?  A treehouse is a magical little cabin up in a tree that gives children the freedom to play, have fun, dream and let their imaginations soar.  Toys get boring and old, but treehouses… the fun in treehouses never end.

Create a mini zip-line

Add a staircase and platform to a high tree, attach a zip wire across your back yard and attach some safety zip-lining gear and voila! You will instantly have a mini zip line that will keep young kids content for hours.

Build a hanging bridge

A hanging bridge is great fun and will give your back yard a whimsical charm that will enable you and children to escape a world of stress and technology to a world of fun and mud where they can explore and get the exercise they need to grow and develop.

Create nesting for animals

By adding bird feeders and nesting boxes you can teach your children about animals like squirrels and birds right in your back yard.

Get that right cut for your tree

To get started you need to contact a tree cutter in Perth.  A good tree cutting company like The Tree Surgeon will give your tree the right cut that will enable you to add a fun addition like a tree house.  The tree cutting company will cut and trim your tree according to your needs and they will do it completely safe because they have all the right gear to ensure that the branches and offcuts won’t fall on your house.  It is also much wiser to get professional help because cutting trees yourself can be incredibly dangerous.

Keep trees trimmed

Once you have your adventure item like a zip-line or tree house added to the tree in your back yard, you will have to keep the tree trimmed to keep branches from getting out of hand.

Ensure that your tree is healthy

Tree companies like The Tree Surgeon can also help you with possible tree infestations like bugs or termites and they can help you identify problems with your beautiful trees health so your children can enjoy their adventures for a long time to come.

Home Care Tips for Adventure Lovers

One of the toughest problems for adventure lovers is caring for their home while they are away on an adventure.  Even the most free spirited of people in the world want that special and cozy environment to which they can return when they have to get back to work.  It’s great to have a home of which you can be proud with a beautiful garden and it’s great to have some pets to cuddle with when you get lonely.  But how do you care for all these things when you are away on adventure?  How do you care for your beloved pets, garden and home without trusting all your valuables into the hands of a stranger like a house sitter? Here are some tips that do not involve hiring a stranger to care for your home.

Home Care Tips for Adventure Lovers

Care for your garden while you are away

TLC reticulation Perth is a great company that specializes in watering systems.  They do irrigation installations, pipeline and system repairs, fault fixing and they even drill boreholes in your yard.  But before these experts do anything, they will come to your property to evaluate your watering needs so they can install the right system that will give your lawn and home plants the best possible care.  These irrigation systems are terrific for saving water because they are designed to give only the needed amount of water without wasting.  The best part is that the watering systems are completely automatic.  You can go on holiday for as long as you like and your garden will receive the right amount of water at the best possible time each and every day.

Automatic pet feeder

Automatic pet feeders are great for caring for your pet when there isn’t anyone else that can do this for you.  You are also saving your pet from a lot of stress because they don’t have to spend the duration of your travels in a strange cage in some pet sitter’s home.  Some of the most technologically advanced pet feeders enable you to give your pet food by logging into an app on your phone.  These advanced pet feeders also have a camera that you can use to see if your pet is still doing all right when you go on vacation.

Smart system for lighting

Automated home lighting systems like a light timer will make home life a lot simpler and will keep your home just a little bit safer from burglars while you journey.  You can set your automatic system and have certain lights go off and on at certain times to give the impression that someone is home, even though no one is there.

Home security system

A good alarm system is a must for any home.  These alarms function with motion detectors and will sound when someone triggers these censors in areas where they shouldn’t be.  The modern CCTV systems are also great for keeping an eye on your property and pets because you can log in on your home camera system from your smartphone and have a looksee around even though you aren’t there in person.

Taking Your Cell Phone on Your Adventures

In truth, many of us use our smart phones more than we use our expensive DSLR cameras. So, it is quite probable that we will choose to employ our cell phone’s photographic features on all, or almost all, of our grand adventures. If you are considering taking your cell phone on your adventures, there are some things you should know about that process, particularly if you are going abroad.

Picking the right cell phone from Izengate is the easy part of the process. They offer the newest and most popular cell phones available on the market. So, whether you intend to take the Motorola Z Force Droid, or some other brand, on your world adventures, they can tell you which phone has the best camera and photo editing capabilities?

Taking Your Cell Phone on Your Adventures

Getting Ready to Take Your Cell on a Trip

You don’t want to incur exorbitant bills while you explore the world. So, getting ready to take your cell on a trip should be a well thought out process. It is amazing how easily roaming charges, and data fees, can sneak up on you while you are in another country. But, with these helpful tips you will be ready to go on an amazing adventure and use your phone to capture all its glory:

  • Know your phone and the plan you’re on– The truth is, only CDMA and GSM phones will work if you travel overseas. So, you will probably want to contact your provider to ensure that your phone is travel ready. Then, go through your plan, examining it very carefully to ascertain the costs associated with travel. Once you realize how expensive it is, look into buying an international data and calling package. Your provider should have some temporary options available to you.
  • Think text packages– Texting is often considerably cheaper than calling. And, in truth, you probably won’t want to spend a lot of time on the phone while you are enjoying the awesomeness that is the place you’ve chosen to explore. Some providers offer global messaging packages that allow you to text internationally.
  • Gadgets are good– You will want to ensure that your phone is safe and in optimal working condition while you are on your adventure. That might mean investing in portable batteries and super protective cases. You definitely don’t want to break your phone while you’re mountain climbing in the Alps. Read about these
  • Cut the data– If you don’t think you’ll be needing to upload and download anything while you are away, just turn off the data on your phone. That way you won’t come back to unexpected fees and charges because Candy Crush decided it were time to update while you were in Thailand.
  • Grab the apps– You will probably need access to some apps while you are traversing the wide world. Make sure you do all the app grabbing before you leave home so that you don’t accumulate additional data charges. Learn more about travel apps.
  • Download entertainment– Be prepared for a rainy day that keeps you indoors. Or, you might want to listen to music while you shower. Download all the entertainment you’ll need for your trip before you leave. Again, we’re trying to save you money in the data arena.
  • Check your storage– You know you are going to be taking a bunch of pictures so you need to ensure that you have the memory capacity to store all those great snap shots. Buy a bigger card to expand your phone’s memory. You can get more ideas here.

Water Supports Your Adventures

Drinking water may not be the most exciting aspect of going on an adventure, but you will soon find that it is an essential part of supporting its enjoyment. Water has many beneficial qualities and ensuring that you drink the best water for you is a task that must be undertaken. You can have a great adventure so long as you go prepared to stay hydrated with properly filtered and pure water.

So, since you are beginning to see the value in drinking water, considering the best reverse osmosis system is highly advisable. You can utilize the information found at the link provided to find out all you need about getting good filtration systems to ensure that you have the best drinking water available to you. Then, read on to determine why drinking water is so insanely important.

Water Supports Your Adventures

5 Reasons to Drink Water That You Never Thought of

Everybody knows that we need to ingest water for the purpose of hydration. Especially since our bodies are made mostly of water. But, what if we could offer you 5 reasons to drink water that you never thought of? Perhaps that would inspire you to take the “drink more water” adage a tad bit more seriously. If so, then please, read on:

  1. Calorie Control– No matter what your adventure entails, there is no doubt that you are probably eager to maintain control of your weight. If that means you need to shed a few pounds prior to, or during your excursion, water is an excellent option. There is a definite connection between water consumption and weight loss. Water will help you feel fuller and you will therefore, ingest less calories. And, if you are replacing your sodas with water, you will be eliminating a good many calories that way. Learn more.
  2. Fuel for Muscles– Adventures almost always requires some sort of physical stamina. Muscles that are devoid of water get tired quickly. If you are going to be sweating during this foray, then your muscles will certainly get tired. Water will provide them with the extra energy they need to get through the last bit of that hike, or the final paddle of that kayak.
  3. Kidney Function– Your kidneys are the body’s filtration system. They process insane amounts of blood every day, taking out the toxins and transporting them to the bladder. Fluid is that means of transportation. So, if you want to help the kidneys get the waste out of your body, give them enough fluid to do so. Read this.
  4. Fight Fatigue– Believe it or not, the most common symptom of dehydration is fatigue. If you want to fight those heavy eyes, don’t go after your typical resource. Water will do a good deal more for you in those moments than coffee.
  5. Stop Sickness– If you end up feeling a little bit under the weather while on your adventure, water can help you fight that decongestion and dehydration. Obviously, water isn’t going to eliminate the cold or other illness, but it will help your body have enough fluids to adequately fight what it can. Visit the doctor if you need to though.

If you are still trying to muster enough motivation to drink more water on your adventure, this link will provide you with additional information. And, if you are uncertain about the proper filtration system to ensure you get the best water, visit the PurifierAdvisors’ site.

The World’s Best Camping Destinations

When it comes to adventure there is no greater thrill than that found in a good camping jaunt. Unfortunately, many of us have strayed away from that exhilaration because our families have grown too large, or we just don’t know where to go. If you are looking for a great time, this list will offer you the world’s best camping destinations.

And, if you are concerned that your family is simply too large to go on such an excursion these 10 person camping tent options will probably alleviate that problem for you. Imagine how much fun you will have being able to collect firewood with your kids while you bond in the midst of nature. Camping should always be at the top of your family adventure lists. There’s nothing better than songs around the fire and memories created under the stars. Now, it is time to learn where the best camping spots are.

The World’s Best Camping Destinations

10 Amazing Places to go Camping

As much as we want to enable you to enjoy camping with your family, we understand that some of these camping locations are probably a bit out of budget. So, save them for your later years when you and your spouse can get away on your own. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to venture out into the wild of these locales:

  1. Yosemite National Park– Take a trek to California where 95% of that park is considered wilderness. You can hike to Glacier Point. Don’t forget that black bears are regulars in the park.
  2. Shenandoah National Park– Maybe Virginia is closer. There’s access to 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Plus, you’ll have the joy of visiting lots of waterfalls.
  3. Boya Lake Provincial Park– If you can make it as far as Canada, this is a great option. The clarity and color of the lake will imprint itself on your memories for years and years to come. Learn more.
  4. Miyajima– This is one of those save up for a lifetime adventures as this camping locale is in Japan. Camping is allowed year round though, and you will find great enjoyment in the domesticated deer that roam the island.
  5. Big Sur- Yet another amazing spot in California, Big Sur gives you access to streams, redwoods, and the ocean.
  6. The Isle of Arran- Scotland may be on your bucket list. The history and beauty of this destination is unparalleled.
  7. Flamenco Beach– Perhaps Puerto Rico is one of those doable family vacations. If so, set up the tents on the beach and enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling in some of the world’s most gorgeous water. Read this.
  8. Corcovado National Park– Costa Rica could be calling the family as well. This is a geographically intense destination at the heart of breathtaking rainforests.
  9. Haleakala National Park– Visiting volcanoes might be on your wish list and you can do that here, in Maui. The vegetation’s lush appearance might be a bit shocking so close to a volcano.
  10. Maasai Mara National Reserve- We admit, this is probably another bucket list destination, but imagine camping at the peak of zebra, wildebeest, and gazelle migrations!

Seriously, the camping areas on this list are sure to blow your mind. But, if you are still curious about additional places to visit, feel free to follow this link.

When Heading Out Hiking, Is Your Phone GPS Enough?

Most people are rarely seen without their smartphone nearby. They provide a connection to our friends, families, social media feeds, bank accounts, and so much more. And now that the mapping and GPS capabilities are so strong, they have essentially made car-based GPS units obsolete. But, if you intend to go hiking in the wilderness, is the GPS on your phone enough to keep you safely oriented?

Well, it depends on which services you have and where you intend to go.

Concerns about Software

The most important thing to realize is that the default mapping application on your phone isn’t really designed to go far from populated areas. Most of these programs were designed to help people navigate roads and certain pedestrian areas, but heading off on a nature walk far from civilization wasn’t really a consideration.

Now, there are other applications you can download to help extend your smartphone’s usefulness once you head out of town. For example, apps designed to help people participate in activities like geocaching can help you track your movements more effectively when you aren’t using traditional roads, but they aren’t going to work in all situations.

When Heading Out Hiking, Is Your Phone GPS Enough?

Issues of Accuracy

A smartphone GPS isn’t going to be as accurate as a standalone model, especially once you get outside of cell phone range. These systems didn’t need to provide as much accuracy as off-road or hiking GPS models designed specifically for those purposes. That means your smartphone may say you are in one place when in fact you are up to 1,000 feet off target.

The GPS in a smartphone also coordinates information from cell towers when you use mapping applications. Once you get outside of range, that extra data point is missing. And that can increase accuracy issues as well.

Standalone GPS models designed for hiking are intended to be highly accurate, even when going through the woods. This means you have a higher chance of actually being where the GPS says you are. And that can be a big benefit should you become disoriented while out and about.

Problems with Battery Life and Durability

Most smartphone owners know that using the GPS function is hard on the phone’s battery. So, if you intend to be hiking for a significant period of time, your battery may give up well before you are ready for it too.

In comparison, hiking GPS units are designed to operate for most of a day on a single set of batteries. That, and if your original batteries die, you can simply swap them out for new ones and keep going. This is a much safer option for hikers, especially when they are truly heading out into the wilderness.

It is also important to consider the durability of more than just the batteries, but of the devices as a whole. Many smartphones aren’t designed to be especially rugged, so having it fall from your hand to the ground may be enough for it to break. A hiking GPS is meant to be used under potentially harsh circumstances, so a simply fall to the ground isn’t likely to affect its ability to function.

The Bottom Line

While a smartphone may be fine for walking through town or a small city park and can be appropriate for light hiking as is often required for geocaching, it isn’t going to replace a standalone GPS for the hardcore hiker. If you want more information about suitable GPS models, you can check out some Garmin GPS reviews on units designed specifically for the task, and then select the option that will suit your needs.

Four-Fold Value of Adventure Travel

Just about any kind of adventure is fun. However, there is a four-fold value of adventure travel. That’s all the more reason to pursue your next adventurous destination. And while you’re there, you should do everything you can to create as many memories as possible. Don’t be afraid to snap pictures of the locals and cool spots you visited. Because, the sad truth is, memory fades.

However, with this beginners guide to nootropics you might learn some great ways to boost your memory and enhance your ability to focus on all your adventures. Nootropics are supplements that promote the overall health of your brain. They come in two different forms: Racetams and Ampakines. But you’ll need to read the beginners guide we mentioned previously for a better understanding. Suffice it to say, nootropics might help you enjoy your adventure travel all the more.

Four-Fold Value of Adventure Travel

Reasons Adventure Travel is Health-Inducing

The reasons adventure travel is health-inducing are four-fold. You will understand what we mean as you continue reading about the benefits associated with adventure travel. It can provide you with:

Improved Physical Health

Getting dirty, according to scientists, is actually a great thing because it enhances the strength of your immune system. And, doctors have even been known to hand out “park prescriptions” to people suffering from a vast array of health maladies. Getting out in the world, hiking, exploring, even mountain climbing is incredibly good for your physical well-being.

Enhanced Mental Wellness

When you choose to go out on a travel adventure, even the best of planning cannot eradicate the potential for the unexpected. But, taking the chance anyway helps you learn to handle uncertainty. And, seeing the world lets you pretend to be someone else. It’s a healthy way of trying someone else’s “shoes” on.  Besides, everything you see and do will foster a reflective nature which is sure to enhance your memory skills. Read this.

Enlightens Your Soul

Traveling to unknown venues makes your dreams a reality and it builds your confidence. Given the state of this world, there is a distinct loss of wonder. That can come back to you as you are in awe of the locales you choose to visit and explore. You’ll realize how deeply you desire more exposure to the amazing God-designed world around you. Learn more.

Heal the Planet

Sure, we said that adventure travel was good for you, but it also gives you the ability to do good for the planet. You can choose to take trips to places that need your help. Whether it is rebuilding a community, or planting a garden, your presence at that adventure travel destination will positively impact the world around if you choose to allow. Find trips that are mission based here.

And, the most amazing aspect of adventure travel and its four-fold health benefits is that when you get to the fourth one, you realize that it affects the first three. Life is so very cyclical and that means that what we do for the world around us will have direct consequence on our own lives.

We will feel better physically having had to invest labor in making a difference. Then, that difference we’ve made will boost our emotional status and make our souls soar. Yes, we are all connected by a God who saw fit to love us. It’s incredible.