8 Amazing Things to Do In Cozumel If You Take a Taxi Tour

If you are looking for a holiday that is packed with adventure then Cozumel is definitely a must for your next big challenge.  This island in the Caribbean Sea is located off the eastern coast of Mexico and is one of the top holiday destinations in the world because of all the wonderful things that tourists can do when they visit this mesmerizing location.

One of the best ways to get around and to see as many wonderful things in one day is by taking a private taxi tour Cozumel.  With a private taxi tour, all of your traveling needs are met and you will instantly be taken to all the best spots in Cozumel and you will be able to enjoy all the best adventures.  Here are the top things to enjoy if you take a taxi tour.

8 Amazing Things to Do In Cozumel If You Take a Taxi Tour
8 Amazing Things to Do In Cozumel If You Take a Taxi Tour
  1. Enjoy shopping in El Mercado

El Mercado is Cozumel’s local market. This is a fantastic spot to get a true sense of Cozumel’s culture, to taste a few local foods and to pick up a few souvenirs to remind you of this splendid adventure.

  1. Buy handcrafted items

Cozumel’s locals are incredibly crafty and they create the most beautiful handcrafted furniture, decorations, and toys that you simply must check out.

  1. Visit the chocolate factory

A visit to the local chocolate factory isn’t just tasty, it is also very interesting and it is a great place to shop a few gifts for friends and family.

  1. Take the Tequila History and Tasting Tour

At the Historic Hacienda Antigua, you can take the Tequila History and Tasting Tour, a tour that is bound to put you in a good mood and to give you an experience you…might just forget…

  1. Visit the San Gervasio Mayan Archeological Site

This historical site is an absolute must for your trip to Cozumel.  When you take a taxi tour a guide will take you through this historical site and you will learn heaps about the historical civilizations that once lived here.

  1. Visit the East Side of the Island

This side of the island is locally referred to as ‘The Other Side’ and is one of the best places to spend an afternoon.  There are plenty of great restaurants, beach bars, and the beach is absolutely amazing.

  1. Visit the Punta Sur Ecological Park

This park is packed with lots of fun things to do.  You can enjoy adventures like snorkeling, bird watching, crocodile watching and much more.

  1. Visit the Chanknaab National Marine Park

If you love watery adventures then this Marine Park should definitely be one of your stops.  You can enjoy various water activities like snorkeling, boat riding and more and there are plenty of shopping spots where you can get your hands on even more souvenirs.

Taxi tours are a fantastic idea if your visit to Cozumel is short lived.  It is the only way to pack in as many adventures into a single day as you possibly can and to make the most out of this majestic adventure.

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