Hands Free Hydration for Your Outdoor Adventures

Whether you are going for a long run or simply hiking in your favorite park, you will need some way of keeping water nearby. Allowing that scratchy dry throat to set in when you don’t have access to water is a bad idea. And, not too many of us want to carry a water bottle as we jog or hike. So, you are probably looking for some hands-free hydration for your outdoor adventures.

But, before you fill these solutions with water, you should read this top guide by Mike. After all, putting water full of impurities and contaminants into your hands-free carrier is not advisable. This is why you will need a faucet filtration system. These can save you a lot of money as opposed to buying case after case of bottled water. And, Mike’s guide will give you advice on the best options for you and your outdoor adventures.

Hands Free Hydration for Your Outdoor Adventures

The Hands-Free Products You’ve Been Looking for

While many people are keen on handheld bottles, we all know that if you are going for an adventure that’s long enough to need one, you probably won’t want to carry it. That’s why we have created this list of hands free products you’ve been looking for:

  • A fanny pack– Ok, we know they aren’t quite stylish, but now they are making fanny packs with bottle holders. They are ergonomic and buckle around your waist. With roomy pockets and reduced flop, this makes a comfortable hands free option. However, the feel of water sloshing on your back can be annoying, so keep that in mind. Feel free to learn more about it.
  • A backpack– CamelBak makes a backpack designed to distribute water weight across your back. This way you can carry a lot more water and additional needs as you adventure. Plus, the straw that allows you to sip water as needed is conveniently located near your mouth.
  • A hydration belt– You can get these at Walmart. And, they are customizable allowing you to carry a single bottle or up to four. However, they are designed specifically for small bottles. And, depending on how you run or hike, you might find yourself knocking your arms against the side bottles.
  • A water bottle bra– Yes, we know this is specific to women and slightly strange. But, since women will be wearing bras anyway, it makes some sense to create a dual duty design. There’s a mesh pocket in the back that allows you to put one bottle in it. But, you probably won’t want to wear a shirt over it, so there’s that…
  • A thigh holster– This is a novel idea. It is great for people who would rather not carry anything on their hips or backs. Orange Mud makes this contraption, but you might want to consider the potential for chafing. Read more about this product.
  • A vest– Your center of gravity is the focus of the design for this product. You still strap the bottles to your back, but you also have additional packing options with the vest. Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t make sense for women as a vest over breasts is probably not very comfortable.

While we listed quite a few options there are some we failed to show you. But, that’s ok because you can always check one more out here.

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