Outdoor Adventures in Costa Rica

Voyaging to Central America might be a dream come true. Perhaps you have long saved your vacation days to allow for the longest stay you can afford. Or maybe this trip was a gift from a loved one. No matter the reason for the excursion, the joy to be had is hard to even contemplate. In fact, you might find you never want to leave.

So, while you are traversing this incredible country, make sure you take a quick look at: http://www.theoakstamarindo.com. You could find your future home in one of these gorgeous townhomes. The views of the hummingbird sanctuary, butterfly reserve, and tropical orchid gardens will imprint themselves on your mind. This is living in paradise.

Outdoor Adventures in Costa Rica

Traveling Through Paradise

If you are capable of making Costa Rica home, then by all means, go for it. However, if this has to be a once in a lifetime jaunt, we would like to make some recommendations. The places on this list are the five places we consider the must-sees while you are there. Do not miss these five outdoor escapades:

  1. Poás Volcano National Park– The well-defined paths lead to the craters of two inactive volcanoes. Principal Crater will enthrall you with its lava and small geyser eruptions. Then you will be enamored by the rainwater filled basin known as Laguna Batos. Conservation efforts can be supported by purchases in the park’s gift shop, in case you are interested in preserving the beauty.
  2. River Frio– Located near the Arenal Volcano, a relaxing river boat cruise will give you a taste of life along the river. Your guide will draw your attention to the caimans, howler monkeys, sloths, spider monkeys, and indigenous birds along the shoreline. The ride will take you all the way to the Nicaragua border. Take lots of pictures.
  3. Manuel Antonio National Park– You can enjoy the crowded beach, if you so choose. But, you will probably prefer taking a hike down the Cathedral Point Trail. White-faced monkeys will be your welcoming party. And, you will have the opportunity to see a trombolo, a wonder of nature, where sediment joins the coast to an island. Learn more about it here.
  4. Playa Agujas– This is a protected cove on the Pacific coastline. You can rent an outrigger kayak and observe the caves and cliffs that line the beach here. The turquoise water and white sand beaches make an excellent place for a lazy lunch.
  5. Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve– There are 6 ecological zones in this stunning attraction. Ninety percent of the forest there is considered virgin. You will create lasting memories by crossing the Sky Walk hanging bridges or taking a zip down the Sky Trek zip line on a tour. Read more about it.

Attempting to bottle Costa Rica up into five great places to visit, is almost like trying trap a genie in a bottle. It is truly impossible. There are so many sights to see that moving there might actually be your best option.

At least if you owned a condo or townhome in Costa Rica you could explore its rain forests, beaches, and volcanoes whenever your heart desired. If you would like to learn about some other incredible places to visit while you are there click this. And happy adventuring!

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