Elk Hunting Adventures

When you talk about having great outdoor adventures, there is no way you can leave off the joy of hunting. And, if you are given the opportunity to do some over-the-counter, no applications necessary, elk hunting you should jump at the chance. You never know what can happen on elk hunting adventures.

But, you might want to know where to go to have them. That’s why we are here. Of course, you should check out http://optictips.com/ before you begin the adventure. You will need to know which rifle scope will be best suited for taking down elk. You will be able to evaluate the scopes based on magnification and rifle size while there. Then you are well on your way to bringing home elk burger!

Elk Hunting Adventures

5 Best Places to Hunt Elk in the US

When you are looking for a tag purchasing, over-the-counter, hunting opportunity, these five states are your best option. You can hunt elk with your over-the-counter tags and enjoy the fruits of your scope’s labor. Here are the states to visit for those outdoor hunting adventures:

  1. Colorado- They’ve got a herd of elk that passes 250,000. In fact, it’s the largest population in the Western US. There are 92 rifle hunting units available. But, if you’d like to try your hand at a bow, there are 147 of them. Come up with the $604 for a non-resident hunting tag and permit and you are ready to hit the mountains.
  2. Idaho- With less than half the population found in Colorado, the elk in Idaho will cost you less to hunt too. And, you can choose between rifle, bow, or muzzleloader. Hunting there will run you $571.50 unless you are using the archery method, and then you will need to add an extra $20 to the fee. There are 87 units available in Idaho.
  3. Montana- Montana will cost you a whopping $826 to hunt the elk in their 160,000 head herd. You can chase these bad boys down with your rifle or bow and some archers see a 15-40% success rate. Learn more about Montana and all the hunting options available in that great state.
  4. Wyoming- For $607 you can have the archery permit to hunt elk in Wyoming. If you have no luck, then you are allowed to come back in the rifle season. If you’d rather just hunt with a rifle, it will cost you $30 less. There are only 90,000 elk in Wyoming but hunters see an average of 28% success.
  5. Oregon- Oregon has two different species of elk, Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain. They make up the herd of 125,000 found there. Choose to hunt with rifle or bow for $641. Read all about the cool things you can hunt in Oregon.

There is, perhaps, no greater adventure than spending time in the woods or plains hunting animals far larger than you are. Think about the wide-open spaces and fresh air.

Then realize that you will also benefit from the actual hunt. You could be enjoying elk burgers in a short span of time all because you chose to step out of your comfort zone.

However, if the places listed above don’t float your boat, or lock your scope, you could also check out the places listed at this site for great elk hunting adventures.

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