Vacation Time: Things to Check at the Hotel Room

For your next vacation adventure at a dream destination or a place unexplored, you need to plan every little detail to make your moments worth remembering. Be it an exotic island location, a serene place surrounded by mountains or snow covered peaks; you need to prepare for the days to be spent at your dream destination.

At an exotic location, travelers like you are always short on time, and need to see and do as much as possible in that time constraint. Besides, if luxury is a priority, your hotel should cater to your every need. You should be able to unwind and recharge yourself at wherever you are staying to gear up for the next day full of activity. Hence, there should be a few things that are available readily at your hotel or inn. The following is a helpful list of what you should check for before checking in to your next hotel.

Vacation Time Things to Check at the Hotel Room

Everything clean

First and foremost, inspect the cleanliness of your hotel room. Check if the bed sheets, towels, pillow covers, etc. have been changed before you decide to take a nap. Also, make sure you do not let the bedbugs bite. Begin your check with bed stands and the mattress.

Removing the sheet and the mattress pad, check all four corners of the mattress and box spring. Then check couches, furniture, drawers and other wooden items near your bed such as the luggage rack or the valet. If you have felt any discomfort at night, check for them the next morning as well.

Bathroom essentials

Your hotel stay becomes all the more comfortable if you have a great bathroom at the hotel. An ideal hotel bathroom should have some basic toiletries, hot and cold water etc. available. Check the water heater if it is working before you take a bath, otherwise you might receive a chilly surprise.

If you want to go fishing on your dream adventure trip, it’s best to start early to reach your destination. Having some utilities in the bathroom can speed up your overall travel prowess. Some great things to have at hotels are electrical towel rails. These can help dry your towels and clothes fast, heat up the entire bathroom and lessen the waiting time for drying wet items.

Remain connected

While you enjoy a good night’s sleep to recharge for the next day, your electrical and electronic devices should be charged overnight as well. Make sure that the power outlets in the room are compatible with your cell phone or laptop charger. If not, you can always ask for a multi plug at the reception. If your hotel provides in house Wi-Fi, do not hesitate to ask for the password at the reception.

Phone check

If there is an intercom phone in your room, make sure that it is functional just after entering. It will actually save you a lot of running to and fro from the reception to your room. Also, make sure that some important phone numbers are provided.

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