Top 5 Adventures to Enjoy During Camping Trips

One of the biggest reasons why so many adventure lovers choose resorts above camping expeditions is because camping can often be seen as boring.  If you don’t plan your camping trip correctly you can easily end up stuck in front of your tent next to the campfire all weekend with absolutely nothing to do but to read and to cook.  For many people this type of lazy camping trip is still exhilarating and great fun but the adventure lover often seeks much more from their camping experiences.  If you want to have plenty of fun, thrills and laughs during your camping trip then you can definitely consider including a few of the following adventures in your next big trip.

Top 5 Adventures to Enjoy During Camping Trips

Crossbow hunting

Hunting is incredibly exhilarating and even more so if you enjoy crossbow hunting.  This type of sport is packed with plenty of benefits like the benefit to lose weight, exercise during long walks, improved stealth, improved concentration and focus and much more.  It is also one of the easiest sports to enjoy during camping trips since you are already in the wild and your crossbow can keep you plentiful busy even when you are not hunting because it takes quite a bit of practice to master this sport.  You can check out this crossbow guide to learn more about crossbows, their origin, the different types of bows on the market and much more.


Are you camping next to a river or pond?  Perfect because that mean you can have even more fun when you enjoy a bit of fishing.  Fishing isn’t the most heart racing of sports but it still is something great to do to spice up your camping trips.  You learn a lot about different fish species and grilling your own catch for dinner is quite satisfying.


If you want to make the most out of all future camping trips then it might be a good idea to invest in a good inflatable kayak so you can enjoy river rafting, rowing, kayak fishing or simply explore rivers and ponds better.

Mountain biking

A good mountain bike can be quite handy during camping trips if you love to explore nature.  Most camping resorts have some pretty amazing biking trails that you can enjoy.  These biking trails are a great source of exercise and are bound to get your heart pounding on some of the scary and narrow paths, especially if you enjoy some of the most dangerous mountain biking trails like the Yungas Road, The Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Trail or the Porcupine Rim Mountain Bike Trail.


Of course a good hiking session should form part of your camping adventure.  Why travel into nature if you are not going to enjoy nature, right?  During hiking trails you can explore plant vegetation’s, enjoy breathtaking sights, seek out hidden natural wonders and get up close and personal with nature.  Hiking is also a good exercise to keep you fit and healthy.

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