The Best Luxurious Hotel Experiences

If you’re someone who loves travelling, we’re pretty sure that you always look out for good hotel deals or traveling deals that would fit your budget. When we say budget, many people would automatically associate it with “cheap”. However, that is not the case. Do keep in mind that everyone’s budget varies and that while some people may be able to afford staying a few nights at a luxury hotel while still having enough to sightsee, others would rather go for much cheaper alternatives, all the while maintaining their budget. That said, this might be more higher-end stuff, but if you enjoy travelling, then do keep reading nonetheless.

Luxurious hotels

It goes without saying that nothing could compare to a luxury hotel other than maybe another luxury hotel. It isn’t just in the name or the hotel’s brand image, but it is an experience that you would be purchasing, and if you can manage to afford it, then we believe that everyone should, at least, even if it is just for one night, stay at a luxury hotel.

The Best Luxurious Hotel Experiences

Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood, Thailand

Koh Kood is an island which used to consist of nothing more than a dense jungle and fishing villages once upon a time. But things really have changed drastically, as the island now houses 2 dozen luxury villas that each come with butlers to be at the beck and call of their guests. A resort well known for its breakfast spread, the main highlight is actually the options that are a la carte, and not the endless buffet stretch.

Vomo, Vomo Island, Fiji

Most resorts in Fiji are a far cry from what Vomo can offer you, which is an extensive ground unlike any other. It is picturesque in any way that you can imagine. It has everything, breathtaking sunsets, and an extensive beach all around the island, golf and tennis options, and more. Meals have always been the highlight at this resort, as their mouthwatering menu will surely leave you craving for more.

You can also have your perfect meal cooked by the chef in front of you if you ever feel like having your dinner at the resort. Not to mention, they have the best room service possible. Not only will the staff be at your beck and call, but you would also be able to enjoy their services to your heart’s content. Take a shower with their high pressure shower head and sleep in the lap of luxury.

El Questro, Kimberley, Australia

If you’ve ever wondered which luxury hotel had the best hot tub, then this would be the one. El Questro is actually a wilderness park which offers both a camping option as well as the option to spoil yourself silly in their luxurious 5 star hotel. Of course, they don’t just have a hot tub, although that is one of their main highlights. You can also enjoy a nice long shower after you’ve soaked in their springs with their low flow shower head for a relaxing experience.

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