Taking Your Cell Phone on Your Adventures

In truth, many of us use our smart phones more than we use our expensive DSLR cameras. So, it is quite probable that we will choose to employ our cell phone’s photographic features on all, or almost all, of our grand adventures. If you are considering taking your cell phone on your adventures, there are some things you should know about that process, particularly if you are going abroad.

Picking the right cell phone from Izengate is the easy part of the process. They offer the newest and most popular cell phones available on the market. So, whether you intend to take the Motorola Z Force Droid, or some other brand, on your world adventures, they can tell you which phone has the best camera and photo editing capabilities?

Taking Your Cell Phone on Your Adventures

Getting Ready to Take Your Cell on a Trip

You don’t want to incur exorbitant bills while you explore the world. So, getting ready to take your cell on a trip should be a well thought out process. It is amazing how easily roaming charges, and data fees, can sneak up on you while you are in another country. But, with these helpful tips you will be ready to go on an amazing adventure and use your phone to capture all its glory:

  • Know your phone and the plan you’re on– The truth is, only CDMA and GSM phones will work if you travel overseas. So, you will probably want to contact your provider to ensure that your phone is travel ready. Then, go through your plan, examining it very carefully to ascertain the costs associated with travel. Once you realize how expensive it is, look into buying an international data and calling package. Your provider should have some temporary options available to you.
  • Think text packages– Texting is often considerably cheaper than calling. And, in truth, you probably won’t want to spend a lot of time on the phone while you are enjoying the awesomeness that is the place you’ve chosen to explore. Some providers offer global messaging packages that allow you to text internationally.
  • Gadgets are good– You will want to ensure that your phone is safe and in optimal working condition while you are on your adventure. That might mean investing in portable batteries and super protective cases. You definitely don’t want to break your phone while you’re mountain climbing in the Alps. Read about these
  • Cut the data– If you don’t think you’ll be needing to upload and download anything while you are away, just turn off the data on your phone. That way you won’t come back to unexpected fees and charges because Candy Crush decided it were time to update while you were in Thailand.
  • Grab the apps– You will probably need access to some apps while you are traversing the wide world. Make sure you do all the app grabbing before you leave home so that you don’t accumulate additional data charges. Learn more about travel apps.
  • Download entertainment– Be prepared for a rainy day that keeps you indoors. Or, you might want to listen to music while you shower. Download all the entertainment you’ll need for your trip before you leave. Again, we’re trying to save you money in the data arena.
  • Check your storage– You know you are going to be taking a bunch of pictures so you need to ensure that you have the memory capacity to store all those great snap shots. Buy a bigger card to expand your phone’s memory. You can get more ideas here.

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