Plan the ideal adventure honeymoon

Your honeymoon is incredibly important and should be planned accordingly. This is the ultimate chapter in the celebration of your marriage. There are times where couples just don’t want to settle for the normal cookie cutter honeymoon and are looking for a bit of an adventure during their special time away. Considering there are people that actually say their vows while diving it makes sense that adventure is just some people’s preferred choice. Here are a couple of destinations that will give you a honeymoon with all the romantic trimmings but with an adventurous edge.

Plan the ideal adventure honeymoon

Mayan ruins, Mexico

Mexico is stunning with beautiful sunsets, tequila and adventure you will never run out of things to do. The highlight in Mexico is most definitely the Mayan ruins that will give you hours of history and exploration. This is definitely a destination worth considering. Click here to read more about the history of the Mayans and what to look out for when you visit.

Kruger National park, South Africa

If you have always wanted to take a safari and see wild animals in their natural habitat you might want to consider a trip to this large reserve that offers you a view that cannot be compared to any old zoo experience. You will have to drive quite a bit and look for the animals as they aren’t in cages. This makes the experience so much more adventurous and interactive because you can take notes of the animals you have spotted.

Tofino, British Columbia

This is a place for honeymooners that aren’t looking for idle time. With activities that include salmon fishing, whale watching, kayaking and soaking in the nearby hot spring coves you will never be bored. This is a hot spot to admire nature and take some fantastic photos. If you are looking for a few tips on the photos for your wedding take a look at wedding photography. This site offers first hand advice on the groom’s attire and other wedding factors.


This destination speaks for itself. With history and scenery that will give you the absolute spiritual journey you will never forget your honeymoon. If looking at memorials, temples and various other highlights you will love Vietnam. You can also take the time to interact with locals and give your taste buds a journey with delicious traditional foods to choose from. This is a great honeymoon destination for those that want to know more about history and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Take a look here at things to do in Vietnam.

Mountain-biking Israel

The holy land offers many attractions for everyone and it is actually possible to go mountain-biking in Israel. This is a trip for the truly adventurous as there are a bit of conflict in this country at all times. You will however love seeing an Ibex in their natural environment for the first time. You may even want to take the time to experience attractions like the Wailing Wall and other landmarks.

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