Outdoor Tanning vs. Tanning Beds

Tanning has become quite the hype recently, as it attracts a large number of beauty enthusiasts to gain a crisp, brownish color to their skin that they naturally are unable to obtain. While there are many confusions regarding the danger of tanning and the actual effectiveness of it, it cannot be denied that tanning is now a go-to solution for those looking for a more hued complexion. Two methods of tanning remain prevalent in current times, namely outside tanning and tanning beds, which are used indoors. Both methods get the job done just right, so you should know about both before choosing a method to meet your tanning needs.


Outdoor tanning, obviously, involves direct exposure to sunlight, and as a result, the body is exposed to the UV radiation that is involved in the process of tanning. This method creates sunburns that can cause permanent skin damage and lead to a variety of cancers. It is advisable to avoid sunlight when it is the strongest, which is usually during 12 PM to 2 PM. Tanning beds, on the other hand, do not produce the natural radiation like the sun, but rather produces an artificial range of UV rays that is said to be about 12 times stronger than normal sunlight. More strength indicates more effectiveness, but also indicates more risk factors. Nonetheless, many claim tanning beds are a great way to nourish the body with Vitamin D, which prevents diseases like rickets. The controlled environment in which tanning beds are used also make it significantly different. If you are looking for the best indoor tanning, check out these tanning beds, which are definitely the cream of the crop in this line of products.

Outdoor Tanning vs. Tanning Beds

Indoor Tanning Lotions

One specific aspect of tanning beds that make it quite different than its outdoor counterpart is the usage of indoor tanning lotions. These lotions are unlike the sunscreens that are applied in the beach; these are made specifically to protect the skin from overexposure to the radiation from tanning beds, especially owing to how strong the radiation is. An indoor tanning lotion is meant to enhance the tanning and its effect, by either existing at a specific SPF, or by increasing the helpful effect of the rays while cutting down the harmful side-effects. This special lotion also ensures shorter tanning sessions, thus limiting exposure to the radiation, and also heightens the overall quality of the tan.

Which to go for?

The choice is yours to make entirely. There is no significant dividing line that makes one form of tanning more harmful than the others. In fact, both are harmful when the user puts himself in the risk of uncontrollable exposure. With tanning beds, you can control the radiation; when outside, you get the natural crispiness that you would be looking for in a tanned skin. The decision ends up being purely based on personal preferences, so before even attempting to try tanning, consider the pros and cons of both options.


This article can give you further insight on how indoor tanning lotions can affect your tanning experience:


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