Outdoor Fun and Adventure with the New Wee One

Becoming a mom is by far the greatest joy known to women. Yet, it can also be the most exhausting and wholly thankless thing you will ever do. So, why spend all your time indoors changing diapers and hoping to catch a nap? Instead, check out these ways to have outdoor fun and adventure with the new wee one. Babies need to explore their worlds just as much as you need to get a breath of fresh air. Hopefully, these ideas will help you do just that.

Before you begin your outdoor escapades you will need to visit babycarrierplace.com to determine which baby carrier is going to be best suited for your baby and your outings. Baby carriers are certainly one of the greatest inventions for moms. You can strap the wee one to your chest or back and still function hands free. So, if one of these outdoor adventures takes you hiking, your little one can enjoy the scenery while your hands are free to grasp the walking stick or stair rails. That’s pretty cool.

Outdoor Fun and Adventure with the New Wee One

5 Cool Things to do Outside with Your Newborn

Moms probably spend a good portion of the first year of their new wee one’s life inside. There are a lot of fears that surround that first child. We are so afraid of germs and exposure to harmful chemicals that we keep them tucked inside our abodes. And in so doing, we hinder their abilities to learn and grow. So, instead of sticking around indoors, check out some of these ideas:

  1. Picnics- You can plan a great picnic at the park. After the first month or so you get a general idea of how frequently your wee one needs to sleep and eat. You also know that a good car ride will likely initiate a hearty nap. Take that opportunity to drive to the nearest park. Bring a very large blanket so that your wee one can lie comfortably. Or, if he/she is old enough, can begin to roll or crawl around. Don’t forget these things when you go.
  2. Brunch with friends at an outdoor café– Again, wait until the cranky morning behavior has dissipated, and then venture out into the world of outdoor seating. Your wee one will be enamored by the foot and car traffic that passes by as you sip on coffee and enjoy croissants with your friends.
  3. Backyard time- If you’ve got a yard, why not use it? Set up a little umbrella and relax outside in the yard. The baby will get the joy of nature the more you expose him/her to it. Besides, sunlight is a great mood booster, and as a new mom, you will need all the mood help you can get.
  4. Beach– The smell of that salt water and the gentle lapping of the waves might just lull baby to sleep so you can work on your tan, build a sand castle, or read a good book. Besides, this is a great thing to do since you’re up at sunrise anyway. Learn more about why the beach is good for babies.
  5. Walk- Load the baby up in your most comfortable stroller and go for a much needed walk. Maybe that motion will help initiate a nap as well. Besides, you can always benefit from a good stroll around the neighborhood or to the nearest coffee joint.

Being a mom is fun, but it can also be stressful. Consider employing some of these outdoor adventures to make the job a little less challenging. But, if you’re still stressed, read this.

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