How to Become A Professional Travel Photographer

Artists often are a target of the stereotype that their line of work is just a hobby. People don’t take artists (such as photographers, painters, writers) serious because they don’t believe that artistic occupations are real professions. As a result, artists don’t get employed easily or get hired on a low wage. Don’t forget to remember that just because a line of work doesn’t follow our criteria of an acceptable profession that doesn’t make it any less of a career.

Photography is an art which possesses a great deal of talent. Yes, we all know how to click a picture, but there is so much more to it than just adjusting the brightness and contrast. This profession also requires patience as there are times when you will have to take hundred meagre shots before you click the perfect picture. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a career in photography. In addition to that, if you like visually documenting people, area’s landscapes, customs, historical locations, and cultures then travel photography is your calling. Here are three steps that can guide you in becoming a professional travel photographer:

How to Become A Professional Travel Photographer

  • Take some photography courses:

Before trying your hand at travel or any other genre of photography, you must have the necessary knowledge about it. Don’t pursue any career blindly; there is nothing worse than looking like an amateur among professionals. Take admission in a college to develop your skills. If you are searching for the inexpensive courses, then register for photography classes online that are taught by experts at a moderate fee. Moreover, online courses are ideal when you are on the move.

First, buy a good DSLR and take it off from auto mode. As a beginner, the best online course available is Fundamentals of Photography Course taught by John Greengo. Other than that, read and research about the specification of your camera to get a better insight on how to use its nobs and dials. Educated yourself about aperture, shutter settings, and basic photography techniques. There is more to this field than just mindlessly clicking pictures of every attractive and unique thing that catches your eye.

  • Start developing your portfolio:

Making your photography blog on Instagram is easy and gets you a ton of followers in a little amount of time. However, don’t just stick to one site. You can use social media sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram for developing your follower-base, to get recognised. Meanwhile, you must create your professional online portfolio on websites such as SmugMug, Format, 22 Slides, AllYou, Fotomerchant, Photoshelter, Foliolink, CargoCollective, Dunked, Viewbook, and Zenfolio. These sites are used by professionals in this field because it helps them in putting their work out there, without the fear of theft. You just have to register yourself, pay an affordable subscription fee, and build your portfolio. If people like your pictures then they will have to buy the prints.

  • Participate in competitions:

Look for potent photography contests taking place nationally and internationally, because they can get you the recognition your work needs. Participating in competitions not only gets you publicity but it also improves your creative and technical skills thereby enhancing your photography. It is also an ideal way of networking and getting your name in the mind of others. You will become famous if you win a competition but even if you do not win you will connect with other photographers and expand your circle.

For travel photographers, National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest is held annually and winning that is every photographer’s dream. So aim high and let your work motivate you.

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