Have More Adventure with the Right Camping Hammock

Gone are the days where camping has to be done in tents, now you can make it more adventurous with a hammock. Doing things differently makes it even more interesting. Even though you may be two, there are 2 person camping hammocks, and hence you are covered. As much as a hammock will create a twist to your usual camping, having the right hammock will make all the difference.

Types of camping hammocks

There are different kinds of camping hammocks. Most of the hammocks will be made with durable material to make sure that it is long lasting and at the same time it is light weight. This is why most of the times it is nylon that is used. The common types of camping hammocks include

Parachute nylon singles

As the name suggests, it is suitable for single campers. It has been made with stretchable and durable nylon material.

Have More Adventure with the Right Camping Hammock

Parachute nylon doubles

This is mainly meant for couples. They are bigger and wider to make sure that they can be able to accommodate two. It is however most suitable for two people sitting and when sleeping it can only accommodate one person. It is specifically meant for two people who want to chill out and enjoy outdoor space.

Ultra-light models

This is mainly meant for travelers as they are very light weight and portable. Good thing with them is that they don’t occupy much space. They are however not as comfortable as the parachute nylon models.

Expedition models

They are made using high denier nylon hence they are very high quality. Most of them also come with additional features that you would not find in other hammocks.

How to choose the right hammock

Now that you know the kind of hammocks out there, now it is important to know what to look out for to get the best hammock that will best suit your needs.

Material used

The material used on the hammock is a very special consideration to make. This will however be influenced on the environment you are planning to use the hammock. Nylon is lighter and more breathable, though it may not give much warmth. Cotton on the other hand is warm though it can attract water easily and can be heavy hence not suitable for camping in the tropical region.

Size of the hammock

This depends on whether you plan to use it single or as a couple. It is also influenced by personal preference, some people find bigger hammocks to be cozier as compared to small hammocks.

Hammock accessories

Every hammock should come with an accessory. Others however will have more accessories than others. It is good to make sure that the hammock comes with straps. This will help in easy installation of the hammock. It should have Carabiners as they are ideal for connecting your hammock to its straps and make sure you are comfortable. It should have a bug net. There is nothing as bad as you are trying to have some fun and the insects can’t let you be. A rain fly is good too especially if you are going camping in a rain prone area.

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