Go Striper Bass Fishing In Lake Texoma

Are you reluctant to adventures?  Lots of people want to go on adventures but simply cannot find the motivation and time to just go.  To some people it takes quite a lot of courage to actually participate in activities because all activities and adventures cost money, requires certain adventure gear and needs to be researched and practiced before you will become good at that sport or activity.

Why stripe bass fishing is a great adventure

Striped bass is quite an interesting fish species because they migrate and move between fresh and salt water.  The biggest striped bass ever caught weight 81.8lbs and fishermen commonly catch large specimens that are satisfactory for taxidermy purposes and a great achievement.  What makes catching striped bass quite an adventure is the fact that these fish are somewhat hard to catch since they are always on the move.  Catching striped bass in general is a great achievement.  An even bigger achievement would be to get a nice and big catch.

Go Striper Bass Fishing In Lake Texoma

Use the Striper Express

Striper Express Guide Services are the perfect solution to new adventurists and to those that aren’t that clued up on stripper bash fishing.  Bill and Chris Carey have been providing fishing entertainment to thousands of fishermen for more than three decades.  When you use the Striper Express you are sure to get a good sized bass because they know all the best fishing techniques for these tricky to catch fishes.  You can enjoy guided fishing trips on their charter which includes morning to afternoon fishing for both teams and individuals if you prefer private fishing.  Your catch will also be cleaned, cut and bagged so you can take your bass home and cook it yourself.

Fun for the entire family and friends

The charterers are serious about the safety of everyone on the trip and they take all the safety requirements for anyone that goes along on the trip. The entire family and even young children can join in on the fun and catch striped bash.  The trips are perfect for families and friends because sharing an adventure together builds stronger bonds and gives everyone the opportunity to get to know one another a lot better.

Mount your fish

If you are lucky enough to get that perfect catch then mounting your fish is a must.  Mount fish looks great on a wall and especially in a cabin and will be a constant reminder of your big achievement. To taxidermy a fish is quite a challenge.  In fact, many taxidermy experts say that fish are the hardest to work with since the skin or scales will lose its color once it is dried out.  Most of the color has to be hand painted once the fish is mounted.  For bass skin mounts are the best mounting method. During this method, the fish is skinned, dried using various salts and then stuffed with filler material.  Once stuffed, the fish will be mounted onto a stand or onto the wall and hand painted to preserve the original bass colors.

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