Everything You Need to Take Your Dog on an Outdoor Adventure

If you enjoy the great outdoors and you own a dog, you likely can’t think of anything better than spending the day outside with your four-legged friend in tow. But, depending on the adventure you have in mind, you might not be able just to grab your dog and head straight out the door. In fact, if you are going to be gone for more than an hour or so, you might want to do some serious planning before you hit the train.

To help you get ready for your outdoor adventure with your dog, here are some key supplies you will need to help make sure you both make it back home safe and sound.

Everything You Need to Take Your Dog on an Outdoor Adventure

Fresh Water and a Dish

You know the how you feel when you haven’t had enough water to drink. Well, when your dog gets dehydrated, he or she can feel just as bad. This is why it is important to bring enough fresh water for you and your dog to enjoy while you are on the trail. For example, if you plan to bring one liter for yourself, then you might want to do the same for your canine companion.

Also, it is important to remember that they can’t easily drink from a water bottle as you can, so you are going to need a small dish or bowl to make things more comfortable for them. Often, a non-breakable option, such as one made of plastic, is fine for most occasions. However, if you have any particular concerns about space, you can also locate collapsible versions that may be easier to carry.

Collar and Leash

Whether dogs are allowed off leash or not, you want to make sure you have a collar and a leash available at all times. That way you can guarantee you have a method for keeping tabs on your dog at all times or even meeting any legal requirements in areas where leashes are mandatory.

Additionally, if your outdoor adventure involves spending time outside after dark, you might want to invest in light up collars and leashes. Not only does this help ensure you have the right amount of control over your dog, but it also makes them easier to see once the sun goes down.

Waste Bags

Not picking up after your dog when they go to the bathroom is generally unacceptable, and may even lead to fines. Make sure you always have baggies available so that you can remove their waste from the area and dispose of it properly once a receptacle is available. In most cases, you can get waste baggies that come on small rolls. They are easy to transport and hold a large number of bags in a very small space.

Otherwise, if you fail to bring waste bags for your trip, you may need to resort to other options for removing the waste from public areas. And some of those methods may not be your idea of fun.

Ultimately, it is better to be overly prepared than under prepared, so use your own need to guide any additional items. For example, if you intend to snack along the way, then you might want to bring a snack for your dog as well. That way, you can both enjoy your time on the trail, which is really what it is all about.

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