Choosing The Right Cigar Humidor for Use At Home

Even though you may have a dehumidifier at home, sometimes you ant escape some levels of humidity at home. If you are into smoking and you value the quality of your cigars, then you may want to consider investing in a cigar humidor. It will make sure that you enjoy your cigars well as it will preserve its freshness and flavors regardless of the humidity level. High humidity has a way of messing with the quality of cigars and that’s why investing in one may be a good idea. Cigar humidors don’t have to be necessarily expensive, they come across a wide price range hence you can easily find what is affordable to you. Good thing with them is that they are long lasting and hence they are more of an investment than a purchase especially if you invest in a good one. Some of the factors that you have to consider when looking for a good cigar humidor include:

Choosing The Right Cigar Humidor for Use At Home

Airtight seal

It is an airtight seal that is responsible for making sure that your cigars stay fresh. Humidors have the ability of retaining humidity and therefore should have a tight seal s that air does not escape and for the humidity level to be steady. If the humidor lacks an airtight seal, moisture will escape which will make the humidity level to decrease making your cigars to be too dry to smoke. It is therefore important to check the seal to make sure that it does not have a defect before going ahead to do a purchase.

Cedar interior

A good cigar humidor should have a good interior and in most cases the best interior are made of Spanish cedar wood. The Spanish cedar is the best when it comes to absorbing and retaining moisture. On top of that it is also good for repelling pests that may affect the quality of your cigars.


Humidors normally come equipped with hygrometers for determining the moisture level of the humidor. With a hygrometer, it is possible to set your humidor to a certain moisture level and make sure that it maintains that level.


The function of a humidor is not only dehumidifying but also humidifying. If the air is too dry, it will strip your cigars of moisture making them too dry and lowering their quality. It is therefore important for a humidor to have a source of moisture to make sure that the air is not too dry. There are humidors that will come with a pre-installed humidifier and in some cases you will have to buy the humidifier yourself.

Storage space

Humidors come in different sizes and the right size will depend on your need. If you need it for traveling you might consider compact humidor while if it is for home use the size does not really matter as long as it fits your cigars well.

There are many places where you can get a good humidor but the best is

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