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Extend Your Outdoor Adventure with a Picnic

Once you begin an outdoor adventure, you want to make sure the fun lasts. Whether it’s a day on the beach, in the mountains, or by a lake, having to cut your trip short because everyone is hungry isn’t the ideal outcome. Instead of having to quit or pause your activity, consider extending your outdoor

Adventuring with Your Dog

Since dogs are supposedly man’s best friends, it makes sense that we would want to take them on our adventures. But sometimes, we need to create adventures that are specific to them. Dogs need excitement in their lives just as much as we do. Adventuring with your dog is an excellent way to spend quality

Choosing The Best Survival Tent for a Camping Adventures

Treating yourself to an amazing adventure has lots of benefits. It helps you to break away from the monotony of work and to refresh your mind. One of the best adventures that you can choose is to go for a camp. You can gather a group of friends and go camping on the mountains, in

How to Plan an Adventurous Picnic

Picnics make for an extraordinary day to simply laze around on the beach or in the park, enjoying the weather accompanied by some good food and good people. However, a few people have a more adventurous soul and so prefer to include physical activities in their picnics. Here are a few tips for planning an

Consider Rustic Pathways for the Most Adventurous Spring Break Ever

One of the things a lot of students have in common in their lives is the lack of adventure.  School takes up a lot of time, effort, energy and money which leaves little for you to work with when you finally do get a break.  And then there are your parents… They are always so

Great things to do in LA

One of the most exciting destinations in the US is most definitely LA. Being able to wake up early, have your favorite coffee and head to the beach for an adventurous surfing experience or perhaps heading to Big Bear to go skiing is a dream that most of us would just love to enjoy. There

Food to Cook While Camping

Camping is a fun adventure that you would not like to miss out on especially if you are going to camp with people that you love and trust. It is important that you appreciate nature but it will make things easier if you can have all the right food to eat. Food can do a

Fun and adventurous things to do in California

Everyone knows that surfing and sunbathing are some of the most popular activities in California. But any adventure junkie can also do too much of that and wanting to do something else that is fun and interactive. You don’t always have to do the most obvious touristy things and you can instead indulge in great

Why Biking is the Best Outdoor Activity

When a lot of people thinking of biking, they either imagine kids flying around the neighborhood or adults suffering in a spin class.  However, cycling can actually be a great outdoor activity for adults and kids alike.  If you haven’t headed out on a bike in a while, head over to, pick a great

Best Places in the World to go Mountain Biking

Mountain biking can be as much of a leisurely sport as a grand adventure. You might imagine that mountain bike trails are all rugged and muddy. However, there are plenty of people who utilize biking as a means of getting close to nature. No matter what your reason behind purchasing a mountain bike, there are