Best Adventures Around The World

Most of us go to the same old vacation spots during our holidays, coming back home to work thinking we have wasted our holidays. If you fill your vacation with adventures and go to different places to witness different adventures, you come home feeling revived and rejuvenated.

During a fun-filled adventurous vacation, you get once in a lifetime kind of experiences, and you feel much better than spending the same old annual vacation. If you think these vacations are very expensive and might be heavy in your pocket, you are wrong. If you look out for the proper promotions and sale offers, you can get a good adventurous vacation at a reasonable price.

Some of the best adventures around the domain are:

Flying a stunt plane:

Yes, that’s true, it is not a joke. We all know only pilots can fly a plane, and we can only watch as an audience if we don’t know how to fly even if we want to but this is not true in New Zealand. A normal, ordinary person, with little or no knowledge about flying planes, can fulfill their desire of flying a stunt plane.

You can take control of the plane, flu upside down, twist and turn the plane as you want. It is once in a lifetime experience, which completely mesmerizes you.

Best Adventures Around The World
Best Adventures Around The World

Snorkeling in Cozumel:

Mexico is one of the most attractive countries, and Cozumel is its most visited tourist attraction. Approximately three million tourists visit Cozumel every year mainly because of the snorkeling and fishing activities. The El Cielo Cozumel tours for snorkeling are the best snorkeling tours you can hire. They are at your service and make sure your adventure is comfortable and full of fun. They make sure you don’t have to face any mishaps.

The guides are educated and well conversant in English. They have a lot of experience in their line of work, and they ensure you safely go through with your snorkeling adventure.

The El Cielo Cozumel snorkeling tours provide you with all the equipment required for snorkeling and let you visit two reefs and one sandbar in the Cozumel marine park where you can witness a number of beautiful underwater species. They get you to the Palancar garden reef, Columbia shallow reef, and El Cielo sandbar, which are all a part of Cozumel Marine Park.

The party consists of maximum ten members and leaves at nine thirty am sharp every morning. If you want to make a private tour, a tour for six-party members also leaves at one thirty pm if you book it. This trip is optional; it does not go every day unless party books it.


Abel Tasman is known as the adventure capital of the world. Skydiving above Abel Tasman is one of the best adventures you can ever have. The weather conditions here are perfect for diving, so last minute cancellation of plans rarely happens due to bad weather. The area is beautiful, and you are taken aback once you dive from the carrier plane, due to the beauty of the land beneath you.

You get to jump from sixteen thousand feet above the ground, which is higher than usual skydiving altitude. Due to that, you get extra fall time as well.

Whitewater kayaking:

If you are a true adventure lover, you must try whitewater kayaking. It gets a little scary but is absolutely thrilling and gives you a huge adrenaline rush. You get one of the most amazing feelings while whitewater kayaking in the Madawaska River in Ontario, Canada. It is very high, and you have to become comfortable while flipping during the whitewater kayaking as you have to navigate your vessel down the rapids. There is an amalgam of feelings inside you; you feel scared and excited at the same time.

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