Back Yard Adventures for Kids

No one become an outdoorsy, adventure loving person on their own.  A lust for adventure is something that is taught or triggered at some point of your life.  Most adventure lovers got their love for activities and challenges from their parents who too them on frequent trips and who enjoyed a lot of back yard games with their kids.  It thus makes sense that if you want your kids to also be fun loving, outdoorsy and adventure loving then they too should get out as much as possible for a bit of back yard adventure.  Back yard adventures are fantastic for building strong muscles and for developing good motor skills.  Outside activities also develop imagination, team building skills and are super for fighting off obesity.  Here are just a few of the best outdoor adventures that your kids will love.

Back Yard Adventures for Kids

Back yard camping

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash to enjoy a back yard adventure.  Camping in the back yard is a great activity for kids that don’t cost parents a penny.  Grab that old dusty tent and get your kids to set it up.  Build a campfire, enjoy some roasted marshmallows and tell some great tales or sing a few songs while you have a blast without any electricity.

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids busy and it is also a good way to teach kids about the environment and about insects, plants and more.

Treasure hunt

There is nothing more thrilling than a challenging treasure hunt.  Draw several maps or write clues that lead to several destinations and hide them away for kids to find.  All maps should eventually lead to a big prize that will motivate your little one and get them excited about all future treasure hunts.

Back yard splash park

A DIY back yard splash park is always a good idea for summer.  On you can have a look at some of the best hose reels that will make it incredibly easy to set up a splash park anywhere in the yard.  You can create several splash activities with pool noodles, conjoined PVC pipes, balloons and bottles with holes.

Water gun fight

Older kids may prefer a slightly more challenging adventure.  Something like a fun water gun fights where mom, dad and all siblings are supplied with their own guns.  You can divide into teams, create a few rules and get a fantastic prize for the winning team.

Garden art

Kids are incredibly messy when it comes to art and this is exactly what makes art the perfect back yard activity.  Buy a bunch of canvases and think of clever ways in which kids can create art.  They can toss paint filled balloons at the canvases, squirt paint with water guns or syringes onto canvases, paint with paint brushes made from natural elements or you can give them a pack of sidewalk chalk and have a blast while coloring the driveway.

Get outdoor games

Games like dominos, chess or jambo jenga are a great way to keep little ones busy, especially if you decide to make the game parts yourself.

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