Adventuring with Your Dog

Since dogs are supposedly man’s best friends, it makes sense that we would want to take them on our adventures. But sometimes, we need to create adventures that are specific to them. Dogs need excitement in their lives just as much as we do. Adventuring with your dog is an excellent way to spend quality time, get exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Before you take your dog on any adventures, you should be sure you know the best dog food for boxers, or whatever breed you have. Choosing the right food for your dog is essential to his/her well-being. You want to limit the amount of grain (or fillers) and try to keep out the chemicals. Dogs are a lot like us in that they can develop cancer with too much exposure to chemicals in their foods and the products we put on their skin. Keep these things in mind, and you will be able to maintain your dog’s optimal level of health. And, that will make the adventuring all the more fun.

Adventuring with Your Dog

7 Fun Adventure Ideas for You and Your Dog

There are so many exciting things you can do with your dog, that it is hard for us to contain them in a short list. So, we chose to pick our favorites. Therefore, we would like to present you with 7 fun adventure ideas for you and your dog. Check them out and see which ones sound the most thrilling for you:

  1. Beach– Visit one on the off season, so it’s empty. Then let your dog dig in the sand. Watch as he/she attempts to dig to China like you did when you were a little kid. The number of holes he/she can dig are limitless and should add a good deal of laughter to your day.
  2. Farm- Give your dog some agricultural experience by asking a local farmer if you and your dog can tour the farm. This will allow your dog to catch the scent of animals far larger than he/she will ever be. Learn more.
  3. Streams– Find some in your area and let your dog have a swimming day. Take your shoes off on the bank and wade around with him/her. Recall what it felt like to be a kid cooling off in the rivers or streams you may have had access to. And, if this is all new to you, all the more exciting this adventure will be.
  4. Camping– There are a lot of campgrounds that are dog friendly. Give your dog the ability to sleep under the stars. Let him/her harken back to the antiquity of the species. Let a howl or two be heard. See what joins in.
  5. Boating– Some dogs really appreciate the wind in their fur and the water beneath them. Just make sure you put on a life preserver. Even great swimmers can freak out when they fall out of a boat, dog and human alike. Read this.
  6. Hiking– This is especially thrilling if it is somewhere neither of you have been before. Make sure you pack appropriately, plenty of water for you both, and then venture up the mountain to see what you can find.
  7. Road Trip- There is no greater adventure than a road trip. As long as your dog is good in the car, this may be the perfect thrill for you both. You can do all the other suggestions while on this excursion!

If you need additional ideas, click this.

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