Save Up For Your Next Adventure by Selling From Your Garden

Everyone should travel at least once a year.  If you never travel and never get out of the house you build a lot of unnecessary stress and you become so used to your routine that the old habits become hard to break.  Traveling gives you something that no other holiday adventure can give you.  You get a break from your way of living and thinking, you get to see places, enjoy new things and do tons of wonderful things. Traveling is extremely healthy to you on both a physical and mental level but it can be quite expensive.  It is time to start saving up for your next big journey by turning your garden into a tiny business.

Make and sell your own compost

Compost is the one thing that you can make completely free and sell to just about anyone because all home owners and nurseries have a need for quality compost.  You can also save money on gardening services since all of your garden waste like leaves, grass and twigs are going to be used for compost.  A good quality compost bin or compost tumbler can give you a good quantity of compost in as little as two weeks’ time.  When you have a good compost tumbler you are making money basically effortlessly since the tumblers are incredibly easy to use and requires hardly any effort form your side.

Save Up For Your Next Adventure by Selling From Your Garden

Sell earthworms

You can earn a lot of good cash by selling earthworms to gardeners, nurseries and fishermen.  Earthworms are incredibly easy to farm with and they require hardly any cash from your side since you can feed them from the garden.  The best worm decomposing bins will also help you farm a lot more earthworms in less time and with less effort.  You can also use your earthworms to speed up your compost making process since these little creditors helps greatly with the decomposing process.

Sell plants

While you already have a free source of compost in your garden you can expand your products even more.  There are plenty of plants that are incredibly easy to grow and resell.  Floral plants are terrific for road sales since they attract people that pass by.  Succulents are some of the easiest plants to plant and they can withstand a lot of tough handling, sunshine and they are draught tolerant.  If you can get in with a nursery or a school and distribute some small plants on a regular basis then you are sure to make good cash for your trips.

Sell grass

Grass is something that just about all home owners love.  If you have a nice and big yard then you can easily start a lawn business and sell large quantities of ready-to-go lawn to new home owners and businesses.  The only downside to selling your lawn is that you are going to be stuck with a pale garden every six months or so.

With this many terrific ideas you are sure to be able to afford your next big holiday in just a short period of time and the sideline business isn’t even going to take up all of your time since most of your products like earthworms and compost is basically effort free cash.

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