Interesting things to do when you are feeling adventurous

We all get bored and feel stuck in a rut with our daily routines that consume all our time. I often feel adventurous and in the mood for doing something exciting. I enjoy my annual holidays and make sure that I always go for hikes and interesting trips. I also practice a few fun sports that keep me active. There are those times that I feel like doing something different and this is my top list of activities at those times. Whether you go for karaoke or play golf for the day it all adds up to adventure and fun while doing something new.

Interesting things to do when you are feeling adventurous

Going out for a solo dinner

It seems like the craziest thing to do and most people shy away from dining out alone. I enjoy doing it every now and then as this allows me to meet new people and enjoy different types of cuisine on my own. This is a fun culinary adventure. You can also invite a perfect stranger to join you for coffee. This is a great way to meet people.

Move to a new city

Moving to a new location is an adventure on its own and something that will give you the opportunity to experience a fresh start.  Click here to get tips on moving and settling in a new city.

Go to a shooting range

It is fun to learn how to shoot at a range so if you have had a particularly stressful day visit a shooting range and shoot off a couple of rounds. It is adventurous and a good skill to learn.

Keep up to date with current affairs

I am not particularly fond of watching the news or getting too serious. I have found that reading interesting articles online like this article featuring Terence McCarthy St. Pete keeps me up to date and also gives me interesting topics to discuss at the next party that I attend. I enjoy reading about financial situations and proceedings.


This is the epitome of adventure and something I enjoy doing at least twice a year. There is nothing more enjoyable and freeing than jumping out of a plane and enjoying the view from above. Click here to learn more about skydiving.

Karaoke nights

This is a great adventure as you get to enjoy being an idiot on stage while pretending to be a superstar. I love singing karaoke and do this as often as I possibly can. Click here for advice on getting confident for your next karaoke session.

Visit historical locations and enjoy architecture

I love visiting museums and also frequently visit the planetarium. I am a sucker for architecture so I make sure I visit old buildings in my area often.  Scoping out historical lighthouses and buildings is quite thrilling especially considering the feeling of nostalgia.

Do Crossfit for the first time

This is a fierce workout session but incredibly satisfying. I enjoy the fast pace of Crossfit and believe that it is incredibly effective if I am stresses.

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