Essential Motorcycle Gear for Adventurous Long Distance Rides

Many people avoid riding or even going near a motorbike because they think of it as a killing machine. The thing people fail to understand is that a bike lets you have more control as compared to a car. The majority of car accidents occur because drivers often doze off while they are behind the wheel, whereas a motorcycle demands the rider’s full attention, cognitive functioning, and focus. In addition to being safe, motorbikes are also more affordable than a car and costs half the price. A motorcycle has better fuel efficiency. It burns less fuel than a car, and because of that, it is a cost-effective vehicle. Yes, a bicycle is much safer and cheaper than a motorcycle, but no one wants to arrive at a party looking all sweaty and exhausted after an hour-long bicycle ride.

Plus, there is no doubt that a person who owns a motorcycle looks hundred times cooler and more adventurous than a car owner. Moreover, motorbikes will save you time by helping you beat the rush hour traffic. Therefore, this mode of transportation is a perfect choice for long road trips. If you own a bike or planning to buy one, then make sure that you have the following gear necessary for every motorcycle trip.

Essential Motorcycle Gear for Adventurous Long Distance Rides

  • A Modular Motorcycle Helmet:

Every time you get on a bike, never forget to wear protective headgear. There are plenty of accidents where the biker would’ve lived, if only he were wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Motorcycle helmets safe guards the brain from any significant damage during an accident because brain injury might lead to long-term disabilities or even death.

Invest carefully in a helmet. Get yourself a full-coverage helmet which provides maximum protection to your face and head. Modular helmets are the favorites of every biker because it provides weather protection and guards the eyes with its flip-up face shield. Make sure the helmet you buy is suitable for your head size, has a high safety rating, and provides maximum ventilation. Our recommendations include Shoei Neotec Matte Black Modular Helmet, and the ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet, because of their versatile design and affordable prices. You can also head over to to compare motorcycle helmets.

  • GPS Navigation Unit:

For safety measures, one should always carry a physical map on road trips. However, you can’t continuously look at a map while driving. Therefore, a GPS navigation unit is necessary. It makes the job very easy by its voice-guided navigation system. Get a TomTom navigation unit because they work fine even when you are out of cellphone range. Just fix it on the handle of your bike, and you are ready to go.

  • Motorcycle Toolkit:

Before you embark on a motorcycle journey, buy a top-notch kit because you will have to be a repairman if your motorbike broke down in the middle of nowhere. However, there’s no need to lug around professional tools, instead get a toolkit that will come in handy to fix any loose mirror or take care of controls.

Get a flat repair kit too, because you don’t know what sharp objects may be lying on the roads and all tires are vulnerable to cuts and punctures.

  • Other Necessary Items:

While on a road trip there are several things a biker would need at some point in time. The list of such miscellaneous things includes waterproof gloves, visor cleaner, raincoat, spare motorcycle key, tank bag, portable air compressor, fuel siphon, and the vehicle manual. Don’t forget to carry a hydration backpack because driving under the sun might cause severe dehydration. Moreover, stash some extra cash inside your jacket or somewhere on your motorcycle for emergencies.

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