Adventurous Skills You Can Develop In the Back Yard

Adventure can be found anywhere but sadly very few people realize this.  Adventure doesn’t come knocking on your door.  Sure, everyone gets those bizarre days where something weird but exciting happen.  But these are rare occasions.  Your average day can remain average year in and year out unless you take the initiative to do something different, learn something new and try something new.  Even your back yard can become a wonderful adventurous escape if you invest a little bit of cash in adventurous upgrades like a swimming pool or if you take up the challenge to develop a new skill.  Here are just a few of the many adventure skills you can learn at home that is bound to spice up any ordinary or dull day.

Chain saw cutting

You probably won’t do a lot of chain saw cutting on a holiday adventure but that doesn’t rule out the fact that chain saw cutting is quite a thrilling skill to develop.  There is quite a lot of excitement in learning to operate one of these powerful and incredibly dangerous home tools and learning this skill has a lot of personal benefits because you will be able to maintain trees in your garden yourself, cut your own firewood or you can even earn some extra cash by providing felling services. Chain Cutting is the best review site to check out for all the latest news on all of the best chain saws currently on the market.  If you are shopping for a new chainsaw then this is the best place to start because you can quickly determine the best features of the best chainsaws.

Adventurous Skills You Can Develop In the Back Yard

Caveman style fire starting

Learn to start a fire without any matches, lighters or fire starters.  Use only raw natural materials and try to build your own fire from scratch.  This skill can come quite in handy if you are a frequent camper or adventure lover.

Rope knotting

Learn how to tie different rope knots and practice them in the back yard until you know this skill by heart.  Rope knotting is an adventure skill that always comes in handy, whether you are transporting goods, enjoying rock climbing or simply want to tie up some swings for the kids one day.

Water purification

One of the best life and adventure skills you can learn is to purify water. Being able to purify water is a great adventure skill from which you can also benefit at home, should your tap water supply get contaminated and is especially important for camping trips or survival trips. There are many different ways to purify water and learning how each of this purification systems work is the best thing you can do on a dull day.

Guitar playing

There is nothing that says ‘adventure lover’ more than someone that can play the guitar.  Guitar players get invited on a lot more camping trips because there is nothing better than watching someone play live tunes on a guitar next to a campfire.  You can also learn this terrific skill in your back yard where you won’t be disturbing the rest of the household.

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