Scuba Diving in Singapore Reviews

scuba divingSingapore is a bustling cosmopolitan country having a mix of cultures. There are many scuba diving spots and sites here and today we will review some of them. We will also mention top sites where you can purchase scuba diving gear from while on this tour.

The basics about Scuba diving in Singapore

First of all, most tourists who have been to Singapore believe that if you are just going here to scuba dive, you are likely in for a huge disappointment. This is because of its less-than-stellar scuba sites, murky waters as well as damaged coral reefs. Secondly, there are many other Asian countries known to offer better facilities in adventure water sports as compared to Singapore. Thirdly, you ought to be prepared to shell out big bucks, if you insist on diving in sites off the coast of this nation. In case you are planning to vacation in multiple nations in the Asian continent, it is best that you seek scuba diving sites in other countries such as Malaysia.

That being said, Singapore is still an attractive tourist destination owing to its multiple offerings to a diverse range of tourists. From mouth watering cuisine to sophisticated shopping malls to its East-meets-West scenario, there is something here for everyone. Also, apart from hotels, there are many other comfortable places to stay in while on your Singapore tour and we must take the opportunity here to mention Marina One residences which serve expats as well as tourists rather well.

Reviews of best scuba diving spots in Singapore

If you are looking for great scuba diving sites in Singapore, we recommend the Pulau Hantu, which offers the largest reef in the country. This is also home to many marine animals including turtles, Barracuda, nurse sharks etc. However, owing to the popularity of the reef and the hundreds of thousands of visitors it receives each year, the reef has suffered extensive damage. The best time to visit Pulau Hantu is in the fall or early winter months when the temperature is moderate and it not too humid or sunny. Do expect some showers in the month from November to January and pack accordingly. When in the Pulau Hantu area, also ensure visiting the wreck of HMS Goodwill, a British Freighter ship that was sunk during the World War.

If you want to dive off the Tioman islands, then we recommend crossing over at Johor in Malaysia but giving at least 2 days for this trip. This is because, thanks to the travel time involved, you will be able to get in at most 3-4 dives, even under the best weather conditions.

Top Scuba diving operators in the area

1. Khao Lak diving centre– This is an ethically run diving facility which caters to small groups and ensures maximum fun for tourists.

2. Sea Hounds– This is another highly acclaimed facility known for its environmentally conscious and ethical diving practices.

3. Amazing Dive– Looking for a historic facility having years of expertise in this field? Then The Amazing Dive won’t disappoint you. This is a popular five star dive site that caters to International tourists, local students and young as well as veteran divers. Not only are their instructors highly experienced, they are also vibrant, fun loving and youthfully energetic.

4. Blue Reef Scuba– This facility is committed to providing divers with the most enjoyable and education dives that will give each diver personal satisfaction and a lifetime of memories.

5. Divers Outfitters– This is a facility that has a range of retail outlets which provide divers with equipment and tools including underwater cameras, extensive diving gear and products as well as PADI certification courses. With so many offerings, it can be considered your one stop shop for all your scuba diving needs in Singapore.

Other mentionable facilities for scuba diving gear in Singapore include Aquaterra Adventures on Tanjong Pagar road, Wetworks Scuba on UBI road 3, and Underwater Imaging Equipment Specialist in Golden Wall centre Singapore.

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