Essential Tools for Surviving the Outdoors

So, you finally decide to take on the outdoors but are you really ready for it? The outdoors can be a vastly beautiful and terrifying place. Because you are going to be exposed to so many elements, it is important that you protect yourself to be able to survive the wild.

Several people might have the wrong notion of going through this kind of trip unprepared. No matter how fit you think you are, if you do not have the proper tools, you will probably not last a long time in the outdoors. Before heading out to that great camping or hiking trip that you have long planned, read on below and find out the essential tools you need to add in your list.

tools for survival

  1. Water

Clean, drinkable water is vital for your energy and survival. If there will be lots of walking involved, you will need to stay dehydrated all the time. Make sure to pack a couple of extra water bottles in your bag. Remember, you can survive a couple of days without food as long as you have water. While you also need protein bars or energy bars to keep your strength up, water should always be on top of you list.

  1. Proper Attire

Your clothing will also play an important role in your trip so make sure that you are dressed for comfort and protection and not for aesthetic purposes only. If you will be camping in the mountains during the colder months, invest in good thermal clothing to keep you insulated. Sturdy shoes and boots that provide great traction are also essential if you want to avoid injuries that can potentially ruin your whole trip.

  1. Survival Gadgets

There are various harmful elements in the wild and survival gadgets, whether the Best Survival Axe or a handy compass can make or break your expedition. Surviving the outdoors depends on human wit and the gears in your pack. If you are lost, injured, or find yourself face to face with a wild animal, your gadgets and gears might actually save your life. There are several survival kits that come pre-packed in the stores but you can also build your own kits to cater to your specific trip. Typically, a survival kit should include a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) or a cellphone, maps and compass, first aid kit, flashlight, lighters and fire starters, whistle, large knife, signal mirror or flares.

  1. Presence of Mind

An outdoor expedition requires superior presence of mind, especially if you are going on the trip alone. Even before you head out, it is best to inform family or friends on where you are headed (so they know where to look if you don’t get home). Planning for the worst case scenarios should keep you prepared for unexpected events. If you find yourself alone in the woods, it is essential to be alert and vigilant with your surroundings. If you have the presence of mind, your reactions will be a lot more logical and smart, enabling you to survive the perils of the outdoors easily.

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