What are the causes of bad breath?

When we converse with others, the first thing that disappoints people about our persona is the unpleasant odour of mouth. This is one of the major oral problems which occur due to various reasons. It is also known as halitosis. There are certain preventions for this breathing problem such as avoiding certain kinds of food, avoid smoking, follow proper medications, etc. However, if people research some of the major causes behind the breathing issue, they are 50% safe from this problem.

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Below are some of the major causes of bad breathing:

Neglected Oral Hygiene

One of the most obvious reasons behind bad breath is neglecting oral hygiene. People do not follow apt procedures of brushing and flossing, avoid visiting dental professionals and regular dental examinations. When we do not clean our mouth properly, the remaining food particle mixes with the saliva and produces an unpleasant odour. Further, it gives rise to the bacteria and results in other oral issues such as tooth decay, cavities and plaque.

While brushing, people only focus on their teeth while, tongue is also one of the bacteria holding organ. Hence, it is necessary to devote equal time for cleaning tongue.

Food Habits

There are some specific categories of food, which have a pungent and strong odour. When you eat these food items, you exhale the same smell. Some of these food items include onion, garlic and strong spices. You can also get bad breath by drinking strong drinks like alcohol and coffee. The breath smell caused by these food stuffs is temporary and you can take quick measures to eliminate this smell. It is advised to drink adequate amount of water after eating or drinking anything.


People who smoke frequently have a perpetual bad breath and it sustains for a longer period in them. Another major disadvantage of smoking is stained teeth. Also, they suffer with chronic gum diseases. Chain smokers do not feel taste because of excessive smoking. A consistent inhaling of smoke, makes their breath excessive smelly for others.

Tobacco Chewing

Tobacco Chewing is also a major cause for bad breath. When its particle mixes with saliva they give extremely foul breath smell. People who chew tobacco also suffers with other major oral diseases like gum diseases, tooth decays, plaque and stained teeth. Avoiding this habit is tough but lesser you eat tobacco lesser will be the breath odour.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has a very pungent flavour and smell. Its regular consumption can also result in excessive breath smell. However, mostly, it is not permanent and can be reduces by taking alternatives. Dental professionals recommend avoiding excessive alcohol consumption as in any case, it is perilous for oral health


There are many medicines which result in foul breath. Most of these medicines include:

  • Tranquilizers
  • Medicines for Cancers especially Chemotherapy
  • Nitrates and
  • Antibiotics

If you also experience bad breath as a side effect of medication then you should promptly coordinate with your GP and take alternatives for the same.


Usually, people on crash diet experience excessive bad breath. This is because their diet lacks nutrition and carbohydrates. When they lack carbs, their body breaks the body fat and releases ketones. These ketones are the main reason behind causing bad breath.

Dry Mouth

When you have dry mouth, it will surely result in breath odour. However, dry mouth can occur due to various medical conditions. Some of the major reasons behind dry mouth are:

  • Salivary Gland Problem
  • Habit of Breathing through mouth instead of nose

Gastrointestinal problem

Patients of Gastrointestinal problem are more likely prone to the bad breath problem. It is caused because of the bacterial infection in the lining of stomach.

Psychological Aspect

Apart from all the above cases, there is an exception too, which involves psychological aspect of bad breath. Some people believe they are suffering from bad breath but actually they are absolutely fit. This particular condition is called Halitophobia.

Overall, if you can curb all the causes and follow a complete oral hygiene, you will always cherish a healthier mouth throughout your life.

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