Ways to Control Acne

Acne comes in different sizes and commonly round. Several types of acne exist and it affects both male and female. Acne likewise does not stop after the age of puberty. Adult acne also happens. In fact, there are some who did not experience acne on their early age then suffered from it during their adult years. The truth is, there are many people who are controlled by acne. It is in the sense that their self-esteem and confidence are lowered until they reach a point of no longer wanted to socialize. It can be distressing to know that acne controls the life of many rather than the people who is affected by it to control it. Learn more at http://ezinearticles.com/?Get-Control-of-Your-Acne&id=144022

control acne


For those who are always concerned about their acne or zit, it is good to remember that acne is also caused by stress. Any stressful event or situation that a person had may lead to acne or having a breakout. Since stress is not just bad for the health but also for the skin, it is best to always make sure to remain calm despite the chaotic surroundings.

In addition to stress related situations, acne can also be due to hormones and genes. It is right, acne is hereditary. Hormonal changes also caused it such as during the times when the women will have her period.

Oil and bacteria likewise can cause acne bumps. This is why, most people with oily face are more prone to have acne problems. Bacteria or germs may also a contributory factor to experience breakout.


Because acne affects a lot of people from around the globe, it is no longer surprising why several top companies have got their own line of acne treatments. The usual ingredient of most skin care products would be salicylic acid, retinoid, benzoyl peroxide and others. As with the natural treatment, some herbs and oils are incorporated. These include greet tea, rose hip, tea tree, turmeric, bentonite, honey, lemon, cucumber and the list goes on and on.

Usual regimen

It has been very famous for most skin care experts that in order o care for the face, it is essential to cleanse the face, use a toner then put moisturizer. Aside from that, if you will be out in the sun, it is advisable to make use of a sun block.

Acne treatment device

In today’s revolutionary world, some devices are also introduced. One of such is Face-Up! Heilung von Akne. This is a device especially made for acne treatment. It is electronically powered yet works safe and effective. The device is handy for easy use two times each day for 10 minutes in every session. The device works by pointing it directly at the pimple that requires treatment. It is effective as it helps to accelerate the process of healing. This is why, most people who used it at first may feel that their acne is getting worse yet it is the process to quicken the process of healing. Since the healing process is quicker, the face will also be free from acne within the quickest time.

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