Ways to Commemorate Your Adventures

We love the outdoors. We love the journey it often takes to get to the outdoors. But, as we age, it seems like the memories we have created during previous adventures are starting to fade. Sure, we can create new adventure memories, but we can’t stop the hands of time, or restore our once seamless memory keeping ability. That’s why we wanted to present to you some great ways to commemorate your adventures, so you can keep the memories for years to come.

One amazing option is offered by T-Shirts Ninja. You can choose from a number of featured designs and categories. Or, you can create a custom design using the Design Studio online. T-Shirts that display pictures of your adventurous moments are great keepsakes. Essentially, they are wearable reminders of all the fun you had the last time you went on a vacation, excursion, get-away, or grand exploration. It will be hard to forget those moments when you are wearing them emblazoned upon your chest. But, maybe you’re looking for something a little more subtle. Keep reading.

Ways to Commemorate Your Adventures

10 Awesome Ways to Save Your Adventure Memories

Getting t-shirts made is cool. Think about how many family reunion shirts you have seen over the years. And, now people are taking their favorite shirts and having them made into quilts. So, while shirts are a great idea, you might be wanting a few more suggestions. Therefore, please enjoy these 10 awesome ways to save your adventure memories:

  1. Lampshade– We are sure that one caught you off guard. But, there are companies that can turn your special photographic memories into functional lampshades. With one of those, you will be able to see the memories every day. Want to do it yourself? Read this.
  2. Coasters- There are a couple of different kinds of coasters on the market. You could opt for the wood block kind or something more traditional.
  3. Wrapping Paper– Ok, that one might be a little weird. Unless you want to give your memories away, and potentially watch them get shredded by impatient recipients.
  4. Postcards- This one is a cool idea because it involves sending yourself postcards from your travels. You can write down all the things you are seeing and doing and it will serve as a photographic journal. Learn more.
  5. Keepsake Box- Get some cheap wood or cardboard boxes and label them with the places you have gone. Then store all the little mementos you gathered during your time there. Every time you open them, you will be reminded of the adventure.
  6. Book- You could always get all your pictures turned into photo albums/books.
  7. Shadowbox- You know you pick up little bits of things, rocks and shells, tourist tokens, etc. whenever you go on an adventure. Store them in shadowboxes.
  8. Magnets- Thanks to the dawn of some serious technological advancements, you can also turn those cool photos into magnets for the fridge or office.
  9. Memory Jar– Mason jars are multi-functional, in case you didn’t know. Bring home some water from that beach in Fiji. Or some rich dark earth from the rainforest you hiked through.
  10. Travel Notebook– Probably the best way to remember your adventures, aside from the photos you take, is what you write down about it. You can write while you’re there, at the end of each day, telling all that you did. Then, as memories fade, you can always reread it and feel refreshed.

If you need some more great ideas, you can find them here.

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