Visit the Top Sup Surfing Hotspots in the World

Love sup surfing?  Then it is time to save up some cash so you can visit a sup surfing hotspot and enjoy the entire standup paddle boarding that your legs can handle. Sup surfing is now more popular than ever before because you can do so much on one of these boards and they are so easy to grasp.  You can enjoy fishing, rowing, competing, exploring and much more and turn any ordinary holiday into an exceptional adventure without spending on much more than your accommodation and traveling arrangements.

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Inflatable sups are a must if you are traveling a lot because you can easily tag your sup along with you no matter where you go.  If you haven’t got a sup just yet and if you aren’t quite sure what to buy then the iRocker paddle boards reviews might help you decide because here all of the pros, cons and best prices are discussed so you can quickly choose the best paddle board and have much more of an adventure wherever you may go.

Visit the Top Sup Surfing Hotspots in the World

Sunset Beach in Hawaii

If you want to enjoy sup surfing or paddle boarding to the maximum then looking for some of the top surfing locations in the world is a good start.  Sunset Beach is one of the most popular surfing spots in the world because some of the biggest surfing competitions are held here during the winter times.  The waves at this popular surfing beach are much calmer during summer which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy stand up paddle boards.

Caicos Islands

If you love islands and beautiful clear water then these islands is the best place to test that new paddle board you just bought.  Grace Bay is a terrific place to enjoy your sup whether you are an expert or beginner and if you don’t have your own sup just yet then you can always borrow or rent from one from the resort at which you are staying.


Standup paddle boarding in the Bahamas is the ultimate adventure.  There are more than 700 islands to visit and gorgeous reefs to marvel at in this beautiful part of the world.  There is plenty of sea life to look at while you paddle through the clear waters of this gorgeous location.

Costa Rica

This is another hotspot for surfers but there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your paddleboard here.  More and more tourists are tagging along their sups so they can have a blast in this surfing capital even though they have no idea how to surf.


Amsterdam is a lot like Venice with lots of water canals that flow throughout the city.  If you want to enjoy Amsterdam then you can do two things.  Either rent a bike and cycle through the city, as Amsterdam is known as the bicycle capital of the world, or grab a paddle board and enjoy smooth paddling through the slow flowing canals as you explore the strange architecture and natural beauty of this city.

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