Use the Trees in Your Back Yard for Children’s Adventures

Children need a lot of adventure in their life to develop healthy minds and strong muscles.  The only problem with adventure is that there is never enough time to enjoy adventures.  Taking your children on a trip or holiday is always expensive and it is always a hassle to get some time off from work so your children can have some fun.  But perhaps you haven’t been open minded enough about the possibilities for adventure for your children in your own back yard.  If you have a good tree or two in your back yard then you have the opportunity to create a tiny zone in your back yard that will enable your children to enjoy mini adventures every day by simply adding the right features to your trees.

Use the Trees in Your Back Yard for Children’s Adventures

Build a treehouse

What child wouldn’t love a treehouse?  Wait, let me rephrase.  What person wouldn’t love a treehouse?  A treehouse is a magical little cabin up in a tree that gives children the freedom to play, have fun, dream and let their imaginations soar.  Toys get boring and old, but treehouses… the fun in treehouses never end.

Create a mini zip-line

Add a staircase and platform to a high tree, attach a zip wire across your back yard and attach some safety zip-lining gear and voila! You will instantly have a mini zip line that will keep young kids content for hours.

Build a hanging bridge

A hanging bridge is great fun and will give your back yard a whimsical charm that will enable you and children to escape a world of stress and technology to a world of fun and mud where they can explore and get the exercise they need to grow and develop.

Create nesting for animals

By adding bird feeders and nesting boxes you can teach your children about animals like squirrels and birds right in your back yard.

Get that right cut for your tree

To get started you need to contact a tree cutter in Perth.  A good tree cutting company like The Tree Surgeon will give your tree the right cut that will enable you to add a fun addition like a tree house.  The tree cutting company will cut and trim your tree according to your needs and they will do it completely safe because they have all the right gear to ensure that the branches and offcuts won’t fall on your house.  It is also much wiser to get professional help because cutting trees yourself can be incredibly dangerous.

Keep trees trimmed

Once you have your adventure item like a zip-line or tree house added to the tree in your back yard, you will have to keep the tree trimmed to keep branches from getting out of hand.

Ensure that your tree is healthy

Tree companies like The Tree Surgeon can also help you with possible tree infestations like bugs or termites and they can help you identify problems with your beautiful trees health so your children can enjoy their adventures for a long time to come.

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