Top things to do in New York on a budget

Touring in New York can end up costing an arm and leg right? Wrong, it depends where you go. There are various things you can do in New York that will keep you in your budget and also leave you with more money to spend on souvenirs and postcards. Overpaying on cover charge and entrance fees isn’t for everyone and if you are like me, looking for the best bang for the buck experience, you might want to check out these awesome tips on where to go in New York on a budget. These are just a few gems that won’t cost you a thing to discover. It is said that to experience the real New York stay off the touristy path and go as local as you possibly can. Speak to New Yorkers and gain more knowledge about the city.

Top things to do in New York on a budget

Central Park

One of the city’s most popular landmarks, Central Park is free to visit and will provide you with a natural feeling of being New Yorker for a day. The park is beautifully maintained and constantly filled with tourists and locals. You can people watch for hours and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the park. There are free events and shows in the park all the time and it will make your holiday a great experience. Read about the interesting history of this popular park.

Chelsea Galleries

If you enjoy art and would possibly like to explore some new artists ‘work you might want to make time to visit the Chelsea Galleries. All the art galleries in the area are free to visit and you might even be lucky enough to make it for a cheese and wine tasting on a Thursday.

City Hall

An interesting and historical visit to City Hall will allow you to take a tour of City Hall and see where the government operates and also take a look at the Governor’s office. It is beautiful and the ancient architecture will leave you amazed. It is a free excursion to take part in.

Interior design and architecture

New York has some of the most beautiful buildings and interior design on display in the world. Home to Juan Pablo Molyneux, one of the most esteemed interior designers in the world you will be able to admire architecture and design first hand in some of the most beautiful hotels, building, restaurants and other buildings.

New York Public Library

Visiting New York’s most famous library for the first time will surely take your breath away. The building celebrated its hundredth birthday in 2011 and holds so much history. The lion statues in front of the building are cleverly named Patience and Fortitude. With a reading room that is fit for 500 patrons you will be completely overwhelmed by the nostalgia offered by this landmark. The library also houses the original Declaration of Independence which will be amazing to see. Click here to read more about the history of this historical building.

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