Top Fish Species to Catch On an Ultimate Fishing Trip

Adventures don’t always just happen. In fact, you can go a year about your job and home life without any adventures at all.  Adventure is something you have to go and look for and something that you have to plan on having during a trip or holiday.  The better you plan, the more adventures you can enjoy and the more full your life will become.  If you are planning a fishing expedition then you should create yourself a bucket list for fish species to catch on the expedition so you can get the most out of your trip and enjoy the most adventures on your trip.

Dreamy Fishing Expeditions That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Gear up for your adventurous fishing expeditions

A lot of fishermen stick to the same catches because they don’t have the right gear to enjoy a variety of trips and to catch different fish species.  Fishing gear is a bit expensive but the great thing about the gear is that you only have to buy it once since most fishing gear on the market are incredibly durable and incredibly high quality these days.  On Fishing Reel Types you can scout the best spinning reels for different types of fishing adventures and for different types of fish.

Top species for freshwater expeditions

You want some excitement on your freshwater fishing expedition’s right?  Then perhaps you should put your focus on fighting fish.  Here are the top freshwater fighting fish that you should try to catch for a more adventurous fishing trip;

Bass – Bass are quite hard to catch despite the fact that they are quite commonly found in most lakes, ponds and rivers.  This feisty fish species should definitely be on your list of fish to catch.

King Salmon – These kings are big and muscular and they give quite a fight when you catch them which make them the perfect addition to an exciting trip.

Northern pike – This is another big fish that will put up a big fight when you are trying to reel one of these in.

Musky – This massive fish is one of the hardest species to catch and they put up a huge fight but worth every bit of effort for that perfect fish mount in your home.

Top species for saltwater expeditions

If you are going sea fishing then you probably need something beautiful for a gorgeous photo or for a wall mount right?  Well, here are just a few of the most beautiful fish that you should try to get on your saltwater expeditions.

Blue Marlin – They are often huge which makes them perfect for a huge display in your home.

Sailfish Sailfish are predator fish and is one of the fastest fish in the sea which also makes them one of the most thrilling fish species to catch.

Dorado – This fish type is beautiful and the brilliant colors makes for great photographs and even better taxidermy projects.

Great Barracuda – This large specie is a great adventure to catch and those big teeth will make a great mount on your wall.

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