The Top Adventures You Can Enjoy When You Visit Northwinds Beach

With the right point of view you can turn any ordinary holiday destination into a fun zone filled with plenty of adventure.  If you are someone that loves to enjoy plenty of great adventures in the same location then Northwinds Beach is a great holiday spot to consider.  This beautiful beach has plenty of picnic tables, wash rooms and there are plenty of free parking spots.  There are also quite a few hotels and guest houses where you can book a luxury accommodation while you enjoy all the adventures this beautiful beach has to offer.  Northwinds Beach is known for its cleanliness, its quiet breeze and a quiet and relaxed vibe.  This beach is definitely a great holiday spot for plenty of adventure because you can enjoy all the following activities right here.

The Top Adventures You Can Enjoy When You Visit Northwinds Beach

Get a tan

This probably isn’t the most heart racing adventure out there but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.  Tanning is relaxing and absorbing more vitamin D will boost your immune system.  Research has also shown that tanning is also a great way to ward off depression and to boost your own personal confidence level.

Build sand castles

There is nothing better than digging your toes into soft beach sand and that is exactly why building sand castles is such a great adventure.  Take along that bucket and spade and see if you can build a big and beautiful sand castle while you catch some sun.

Take long walks on the beach

Taking long walks on the beach is a great way to stay fit and to reduce stress levels.  You also get plenty of fresh air and you can enjoy breathtaking watery sunsets that are bound to spice up quiet evenings.

Enjoy a beach picnic

A beach picnic is always a tasty adventure, even more so if you are sampling a few new food types or if you are getting a good taste of all the sea dishes available at Northwinds Beach.

Swim in the sea

Of course you should also take a few refreshing swim sessions in the sea.  Swimming is a great way to cool down on hot summer days and the salt water is great for your skin.

Give paddle boarding a try

Northwinds Watersports offers the best and most affordable paddle board rentals in Collingwood. You can choose from a large variety of stand up paddle boards and have a blast on the water. Paddle boarding is the best way to start learning how to keep your balance if you are interested in surfing in the future.


Kayaking rentals are also available at this beach and is also a great adventure to try, especially if you have a few buddies that can accommodate you on long rowing sessions.

Wind surfing

This is probably the most extreme water sport that you can enjoy at this beach. Northwinds Watersports rents wind surfing gear and they provide wind surfing lessons to anyone that has the guts to take on this wonderful and exciting adventure.

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