Top things to do in New York on a budget

Scuba Equipment Outdoors Adventure Touring in New York can end up costing an arm and leg right? Wrong, it depends where you go. There are various things you can do in New York that will keep you in your budget and also leave you with more money to spend on souvenirs and postcards. Overpaying on

Take a History Focused French Vacation

People go to France for any number of reasons, the food, the culture, the romance. But, going to France for the purpose of learning, well, that might be a new idea. France is rife with historic imagery, architecture, and stories. When you take a history focused French vacation you will be able to embrace all

Go On an Interior Design Adventure before Deciding On This Career Path

If you are considering interior designing as a career path then it might be wise to go on a bit of an adventure where you check out glorious interior designs by infamous designers before you decide to start on this exciting career path. Your interior design adventure could be a great spring break or gap