Outdoor Exercises that Masquerade as Play

We all know the value of spending time outdoors and getting exercise, though it can feel hard to fit it all into our lives while still finding time for things we enjoy and out families.  Instead of considering each of these goals as separate, look for activities that allow you to accomplish all of these goals at once.  Not only can grouping these ideas together help save you time, it may turn out that you are able to get them all done while having fun along the way.

Hiking and Biking

Both hiking and biking can be fun, outdoor activities that you can easily share with your family to help everyone get more exercise.  Whether you choose to stay local and bike around your own neighborhood, or go to the nearest state or national bike to hit some trails, these activities can help you meet multiple goals at once.

While biking may take a larger initial investment if you don’t already own bikes, hiking can generally be done with just quality footwear and comfortable clothes.  This can help provide an inexpensive option to those families that are on a budget without you feeling as though you have to sacrifice too much in the name of fitness and family time.

Outdoor Exercises that Masquerade as Play


A trampoline can provide an excellent form of lower impact exercise for children and adults alike.  As long as you have a backyard that is big enough to hold an appropriately sized trampoline, you may find that this form of outdoor activity is not just a great workout, but a lot of fun too.  Best of all, it brings a great form of exercise right to your backdoor, helping to limit the likelihood of an excuse getting in the way of the activity.  If you think a trampoline would be a great addition to your routine, check out trampolinereviewguide.com for more information.

Skates, Rollerblades, Scooters, and Skateboards

It wasn’t that long ago that owning a pair of skates or rollerblades was a rite of passage, and there is no reason you can’t introduce the activity to your children if they have never had the opportunity before.  Not only can skating help improve your balance and overall fitness, it can also be a lot of fun for everyone.

For those who prefer not having the wheels strapped to your feet, then a skateboard or scooter may be a great choice.  Not only can these be a fun way to get around town, they can also provide a solid workout.  Just be sure to avoid any versions with motors included, as that may prevent you from getting your exercise while you enjoy this outdoor activity with your family.

If you are really adventurous, you may want to take any of these items to a local skate park for some fun.  Learning to navigate the ramps and other obstacles can be quite challenging physically, especially if you are very familiar with the mechanics involved, but the vigorous activity can definitely get your heart pumping while you enjoy the fresh, outdoor air and bond as a family.  Just make sure that everyone is wearing the proper safety equipment, such as helmets and pads, and then enjoy the slight sense of danger that comes with the fun.

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