Making an Adventure Journal

If you want to store the most amusing anecdotes, locations visited and experiences during your holiday, keeping a travel or an adventure diary is a great way to remember all the details of any destination you have gone to. To do this, you can take the traditional route of writing in a paper journal, or you can capture all your travels in a digital diary, given that nowadays, we compulsively carry our smartphones or tablets with us wherever we go. If you want to create a digital travel journal, but you are having trouble with your phone, go to We have put together some guidelines on how to create paper as well as digital adventure journals.

Making an Adventure Journal

Paper Diaries

  • Start collecting materials from the day you decide where you want to go for your trip until you commence your journey, because organizing your journal is very important.
  • The diary you choose should be comfortable and lightweight, because it will accompany you on all your adventure trips. In addition, it should be suitable for gluing photographs, menus, documents, tickets, paper napkins or any other souvenirs that will be pertinent to your travels.  Purchase a good quality pen that writes well, and a glue to attach all the different sorts of memorabilia from your trip on your travel journal.
  • Once you begin writing in your travel journal, list the names of each destination you visited on each date. Describe in detail all the anecdotes and experiences of that day. This should mirror your feelings about your adventurous experiences and travels, so leave out any significant events.
  • Take tons of pictures, but don’t just attach any picture on your journal. Take and find pictures that can add to your journal, instead of just being a waste of space. The pictures or photographs should be candid and meaningful.
  • At the end of your trip, collect everything and put it together to create a concrete narrative of your adventures and travels.

Digital Diaries

There are numerous apps that let you capture your adventurous experiences in a digital diary.  It involves the same processes that devising a paper journal would, but this time, it is done with a gadget. Your travel entries can also be transferred to your computer, or any other device that is compatible.

  • Once you have an online adventure journal, start writing the stories. You may give each chapter a title, and add the time and location of your destination on the day you write. As its online, you choose to keep the journal private, or open to all your friends
  • Your diary could also be converted into a travel blog for all your friends and family to see online.
  • After writing, choose your preferred layouts for the travel diary app, so that it appears to be brilliantly designed. You can customize your adventure journal in order to give it a personal touch. You may experiment with different styles, fonts and colors.
  • Pictures and maps also play a large role in an adventure journal. Make sure to add tons of memorable and amusing pictures as well as maps that show where you are, or your entire travel route.

We hope our guidelines have motivated you to create your adventure journal. Have a safe trip!

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