Make Your Next Run an Adventure

You don’t have to go to an exotic location to make your next run an adventure. When you think of an adventurous run, the first that probably comes to your mind is a run in a mountainous trail. What if we told you that you can have an adventure out on your run even in your ordinary neighborhood.

According to experts, you need about 75 minutes of vigorous and 150 of moderate aerobics exercise a week. So you can plan your run accordingly and cover the required amount initially, working yourself to eventually do more. To make the run adventurous, you can take the following steps.

Make Your Next Run an Adventure
Make Your Next Run an Adventure

Run in a park with a trail

Trails are always fun to run on and they are beneficial for you as they prevent injuries while helping build muscle. Trails are also fun because you are surrounded by trees and the run feels more natural. Be sure to study the trail beforehand to ensure you do not get lost.

Run for a longer period

Running is all about pushing yourself to the limit. Crossing your limits and continuing even when your exhaust can be rewarding and adventurous. You should probably just try and do this once a week and not everyday. You don’t want to over do yourself on a daily basis because you will exhaust your muscles and not recuperate in time for your next run. You can get more tips on running longer on this site.

Make your run fun

Fun and adventure you hand in hand. To make running more fun you can run with friends. You can challenge your friends to find out who can run faster or further. When done, you can even play tag while running. This gives you a fun task while running. Besides this, you can skip on rocks, use technology to monitor the progress, and also run curbs to improve your agility and balance.

Discover your city

Not many people have a tendency to get out and run around their neighborhood. Rather than driving to the nearest park for your run, get to know your neighborhood and run around the blocks. It will allow you to become more accustomed to the area. You can map out different trials on a running app which can make the run more adventurous each time.

Add stairs to your run

For a nice, strenuous run you can incorporate the stairs on your trail. The stairs make you exert yourself a little more and add a little extra adventure to your running routine. Now, when we talk of stairs we mean at least 30-50 stairs or two -three floors minimum.

Add obstacles to your run

If you have access to an obstacle course, then we recommend you go through a run of it at least once a week. The course will offer you a complete body workout while also adding a little adventure to your run. You can climb walls, nets, do a drill through tires, amongst other things. This will improve your endurance, speed, and strength helping you achieve your body target much quicker.

Don’t be afraid of a little adventure. Make your run a fun, adventurous part of your day rather than a tiresome activity you no longer look forward to.

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