Having Fun in Iran

Ok, so the likelihood of you actually traveling to Iran to have fun is probably pretty farfetched. But, let’s just take this from a hypothetical standpoint. Let’s say you met the man of your non-terrorist dreams, and he invited you to explore his country. Let’s say you took him up on the offer. And, while you arrived there full of thrill, he decided to bail on you because, well, he probably was a terrorist. So, you are left there wondering what having fun in Iran looks like. No problem, we’ve got the answers. But first, some politics.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is very serious about their stance against terrorism. They support Israel, as do we, but their tenacity and fervor might be a wee bit intense for some. In truth, a lot of people are probably up riled by the recent “Nuke Iran” comments that have proceeded from Sheldon Adelson’s mouth. Surely he wasn’t suggesting that the US bomb an entire country, wiping innocent people off the face of the earth? But, if he was serious, you might want to be quick about your fun-having and get on back home. Leave that terrorist behind!

Having Fun in Iran

Things You Have to Do Before They Nuke Iran

We are obviously making light of a serious situation, but we might as well have fun in tragedy right? That said, there are some amazing sights to see, and adventures to be had, if you ever actually go to Iran (and we kind of hope you never do). So, here are our suggestions for that probably-never-gonna-happen excursion:

  • Sofrakhane Sonati Darvish– Evenings at this restaurant will provide you with live traditional Persian music. The ships’ wheels and lanterns that hang from the 300 year old dome will tantalize your view while you await your succulent kabab.
  • Tabriz Bazaar– With 15th century brick vaulting, this covered bazaar, in its labyrinthine glory, is a must see. It has earned the title as a Unesco World Heritage Site. From hat shops, to spice, and rug shops, you will find something that needs to fly home with you here. Learn more.
  • Qal’eh Rudkhan– This is a mountain fortress from the Seljuk-era. A curl of a forested mountain encircles it. You’ll have to climb a pretty steep way, for about an hour, to see this thing, but it is well worth the sweat. The ruins, towers, and arches will provide you with plenty of photo opportunities you’ll probably never get again. Read more about it.
  • Gorgan Museum– Completed in 1976, the museum consists of two floors and a basement area. Anthropological findings and objects are viewed in the basement. The ancient, locally sensitive, objects are located on the second floor. We are honestly not sure what’s on the first floor.
  • Kabud (Blue) Mosque– Back in 1465, when it was constructed, this building would have been considered glorious. It took 25 more years to cover it with the blue majolica tiles that give its name. It was destroyed in a 1773 earthquake, having survived another one 46 years earlier. It laid in ruins until 1951 when the reconstruction began. Click this for additional information.
  • Bazar-e Vakil– Zand architecture reveals its masterpiece here. The design allows this bazaar to remain warm in winter, while still cool in summer. There are at least 200 stores located within its walls. There are plenty of places to explore within this maze of a shopping center.

Ok, now that you know what to see while you’re stranded in Iran, hurry up and do it, but don’t miss your flight out of there!

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