Great things to do in LA

One of the most exciting destinations in the US is most definitely LA. Being able to wake up early, have your favorite coffee and head to the beach for an adventurous surfing experience or perhaps heading to Big Bear to go skiing is a dream that most of us would just love to enjoy. There are many locations you can go to that will give you the best experiences that LA has to offer. With careful planning your trip will be an absolute pleasure and your holiday will give you memories that will last you a lifetime. Click here to get tips on packing the perfect picnic.

Great things to do in LA

Enjoy outdoor movies? Great! The best location for this in LA is at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You can enjoy a movie in the summer while having a picnic amongst the graves of the greatest stars that Hollywood had the privilege of experiencing. There is even a themed photo booth to enjoy at every screening and perhaps enjoy a delicious pizza at the nearby pizzeria. Spoil yourself LAX to Santa Barbara transportation to check out this wonderful area which had a soap with the same name. Travel in style when you arrive in LAX so that you can relax after your flight.

You can also take time out of your day to visit the Griffith Observatory where you will find one of the most beautiful lookout points in LA. You can enjoy various activities like hiking and stargazing. Zuma beach is undeveloped and untouched where you can enjoy the sea and the beautiful sunshine. Murphy Ranch will give you a bit of the hidden history that this thriving city has to offer. You will be amazed by the bomb shelter and other structures that you can explore.

Grand Central Market is every foodie’s dream come true. You can enjoy gourmet foods and all the delicious dishes that you will find there. You will be spoilt for choice at this market. Click here to take a look at Disney Hall where you can enjoy a concert and splurge on a delicious meal before the concert. With the Natural History Museum you can also enjoy the mammoth hall and various other exhibits that will enrich your LA experience and a bit of history. Another great place to get lost in and to thoroughly enjoy is the Norton Simon museum which is known to be hidden treasure in Pasadena. You could actually look at pieces done by Rubens and Van Gogh. There is an extensive collection of art to find and admire. This city has so much to offer that you will never be stuck with idle time. Remember to take time out and enjoy a bit of fun in the sun after your long days of sightseeing. Timeout will never be as effective and relaxing as it is in this wholesome and star studded city. Celebrities have walked the streets and pavements where you will be walking so get lost in the nostalgia.

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