Great Outdoor Sports for Spring and Summer

Spring and summer weather can be excellent for practicing sports outdoors.  Whether you prefer to work out on your own, with your family, or with an organized team, there are a wide range of options to help you stay physically fit during the warmer weather.  If you are considering practicing a sport outside, here are some excellent options.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball is often considered America’s favorite pastime, and softball is a popular option amongst children and adults alike.  Sunny spring and summer weather is often considered ideal for either sport, and is a great way to spend time socializing with a team or working out with your family.  Luckily, baseball and softball do not require a lot of equipment in order to be enjoyed.

Baseballs and softballs are readily available at sporting goods stores as well as mass merchandisers when it is in season.  They can also be found online almost any time of year.  Quality bats, such as the on in this Demarini Vexxum review, are also readily accessible throughout the season, and can be found in different sizes and weights to suit the batter.

Great Outdoor Sports for Spring and Summer

Many communities offer league options for children of all ages.  Some even have leagues for adults who just want to get together and have fun while staying active.  In some cases, corporations and business may have friendly competitive leagues where employees of one business play against the employees of another.

Soccer and Volleyball

If you are looking for a sport that requires minimal equipment, soccer and volleyball can be played with just a ball and an appropriate space.  Soccer can be played on almost any open field, and you can use items like cones to simulate the location of the goals.  Outdoor volleyball only requires a court with a net, and sand volleyball can be popular at many beach locations.  Both can be physically demanding or more relaxed, depending on the attitudes and goals of the players, and can often be played in any clothes that are easy to move in.

Since soccer has gained popularity across many areas, youth leagues are more prevalent than they once were.  Volleyball options may be more limited, but setting up pickup games with friends and family can be a fun alternative to a more formal arrangement.

Water Sports

Rising temperatures make pool-based sports particularly appealing.  This can include basics like competitive swimming, to more coordinated games like water polo.  Some swimming pools may even host games that are not traditionally water-based sports, like volleyball and basketball, allowing people to play games they enjoy while staying cool in the pool.

Touch or Flag Football

If you want to play football without the risk of injury associated with tackle football, touch or tag football can be an enjoyable alternative.  This allows players to use the same skills for passing the ball as they would in a regular game, and enjoy time running through a suitable field.  Otherwise, the amount of equipment required is limited.  For touch football, you only need a ball, comfortable clothes, and a way to mark the goal line.  If you prefer flag football, you can either find a set of football flag belts, or simply use pieces of fabric, like bandanas, to work as flags.

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