Go on a Backpacking Adventure

Travel is always an adventure, add the idea of doing it while backpacking, and now you’re in for an incredible exploit. The thing about backpacking in the midst of travel, is determining which backpack will best suit your needs and which countries will be the most cost effective to journey through. So, with that kind of information, you will be ready to go on the backpacking escapade of a lifetime.

First, do your research on canvas backpacks here. The link will take you to a place to review some great laptop bag options but if you spend some time perusing you should be able to locate some really amazing additional canvas bag options. This will get you on the road to real backpacking preparations. The next step will involve money. We can’t really help you with that, but we can tell you which countries are the best ones to backpack through!

Go on a Backpacking Adventure

Best Countries for Backpack Ventures

Here is a quick list of countries that make incredible backpacking destinations:

Indonesia- There are literally thousands of islands for your exploits. There’s actually a debatable answer to the number of islands you can explore while there but we recommend that you definitely visit Sumatra and Sumba. While you can enjoy a great deal of Indonesia on a backpacking budget, the travel to each and every island will definitely add up, so pick the one’s you really want to see.

Nicaragua- Go there when the temperature is below 90°. That means plan your travel between December and February. Be sure to visit Masaya and its Laguna de Apoyo, a volcanic lake with bright blue water. Then take the 20 minute drive to Granada to see all the colonial buildings there.

Nepal- One of the more classic backpacking destinations, Nepal offers some very inexpensive traveling. You can visit the Garden of Dreams (learn more about that here) and Mount Everest. Because Nepal borders India and Tibet you could feasibly add these countries into your travel plans.

Peru- Considered a cheap place to visit, Peru should definitely be on your backpacking agenda. There are gorgeous beaches, historic ruins, and fascinating rain forests. There’s probably not a more gorgeous destination on our list.

Albania- Use this one as a cheaper alternative to traveling to Greece or Italy. As far as locations on the Adriatic Sea, this is probably your best option for backpacking. They have cheap hostels and food. You can enjoy Turkish coffee and Balkan börek for next to nothing financially. And if you want to know what Balkan börek is, before you determine to put it on the menu, click this.

Sri Lanka- For roughly $20 a day you can travel Sri Lanka. This island is full of monkeys and can very well be a backpacker’s paradise as long as you’re careful. Don’t go on any pricey sightseeing tours and find out which entrances are for the locals, and then go with a local. Because the tourist entrances are nearly twice as much.

Turkey- Turkish culture is rife with remnants of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Make sure you visit the 15th century Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul Old Town, and Chora Church. This destination is quickly rising on the backpacker’s dream locales list. You can learn more about Turkey and its many wonders online.

Certainly there are other great backpacking destinations, and with a little investigation you’ll undoubtedly find the places that are best for you. Just do it!

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