Give Stand up Paddle Boards a Try for the Ultimate Surfing Adventure

It is always good for you to try something new every now and then.  You will be surprised at how much you learn when you try something new.  You will also be surprised at your own skill and how learning something new will develop your own personal character.  Surfing is a terrific sport and adventure to give a try if you are looking for something that is challenging, refreshing and fun.  Natives from Hawaii were the first people to ever surf.  In the 1770’s, travellers discovered the native’s surfing talents and since then surfing has become a popular sport all over the world.  Today you can enjoy traditional surfing with a surf board or you can give a SUP a try.

What is a SUP or stand up paddle board?

SUPs have the same basic shape as a surfboard.  The only major difference is that they are inflatable and can be used for paddling as well as surfing.  The standup paddle boards or SUPs are specially designed to keep you from tipping over when you lean a bit to the side which makes this the perfect tool for endless fun in the sea, on the lake or anywhere else.

Why SUPs are so fun

SUPs are inflatable.  You don’t need a roof rack to transport your surfing SUP and you can fit it into even the tiniest of vehicles.  Subs are great fun because they allow you to have a bit of action while at sea and you can use your SUP on other watery masses as well such as a lake or river.

Give Stand up Paddle Boards a Try for the Ultimate Surfing Adventure

Transform any watery holiday into an adventure with your SUP

With a SUP you can enjoy even the cheapest of holidays because your SUP will provide you with an endless amount of fun activities even if there isn’t much else to do at a cheap holiday destination.  You can enjoy your SUP for races, surfing, paddling, exploring and you can even use your SUP for fishing.

Take your SUP anywhere

The best part about these inflatable SUPs is that you can take it along on all your holidays.  With your own SUP you will save a lot of money on rental fees and you can do with your SUP what you like since it is yours.  You can explore any holiday destination and have a blast no matter where you go.

Find out all there is to know about different SUPs

There are a lot of different SUPs on the market.  You can choose from a lot of different shapes, styles and sizes. Andy’s Best SUP reviews is the perfect place to find out all there is to know about the best SUP surfing gear on the market.  His reviews are realistic, true and include all the information you need when shopping for SUPs.  You can find out about the SUPs size, thickness, material, weight and capabilities.  You can also learn of all the pros and cons of each SUP so you can find the best possible SUP for your adventures.

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