Get the Best Gear for Your Adventurous Garden & Landscaping Company

If your work takes you different places each day then you are just one of the few lucky people out there who don’t have to sit in the same dull office every day.  Gardening & landscaping is one of the most adventurous businesses out there because you get to see different places and meet new people each and every day.  On top of that, you can also personally witness how your handwork is changing the world one garden at a time and you get to spend all your time in the glorious sunshine and in beautiful gardens.

The best gear for gardeners

The better gear you have, the wider your services can expand which is why it is so important to invest in good quality equipment. The better your equipment, the easier your job will become and the longer your equipment will last.

Get the Best Gear for Your Adventurous Garden & Landscaping Company

Ladder – A lightweight tripod ladder is a must for any garden landscaper because you can trim hedges and trees and be completely safe when you are doing these risky jobs because the tripod ladders are much more stable and requires less space to setup. These light ladders can easily be added onto the side of your trailer or on top of a van and you can be on your way to any location instantly.

Lawnmower – Of course you need a lawnmower when you have a gardening business.  It’s probably the one piece of equipment that you are going to use in every single garden.  Luckily some of the lawnmowers are incredibly advanced and you can even invest in a ride able mower when you land a contract with a golf course.

Trimmer – Hedge trimming is vital for rounding your hard work off. No garden ever looks tidy when the final touches haven’t been done.

Protective gear – Some of the gear you use can be dangerous.  You can easily cut yourself while sawing off some branches.  A basic overall and some safety shoos is the minimal for when you are doing hand labor.

Chainsaw – A chainsaw can expand your services a lot because you can provide tree removal or trimming services since most people cannot remove trees by themselves.

Trailer – A trailer is a must for hauling all of your stuff from one location to another and you can add some waste removal services to your company.

Hand saw – Some of the branches are simply too thick for normal clippers and this is exactly where you need a good quality hand saw that you can use along with your ladder.

Basic garden gear – Your garden services would never be complete without the basics such as shovels and rakes.

Educate your workers

It can be tough to be a gardener when your workers don’t have the right knowledge on gardening to tell weeds from plants. You should try to educate them as best you can so they can continue working without constant supervision.

As a garden and landscaper you can also add some services such as pool installation and cleaning or perhaps water feature setups.  The possibilities are endless for a unique company like yours and you will have the time of your life if you keep expanding your services.

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